Xiaomi Air Charger | Charge your phone in the Air.

INTRODUCTION to Xiaomi Air Charger

Xiaomi has just announced what kind of seems like the most significant leap in smartphones for the last decade. Not even exaggerating, they built a wireless power station that can charge your phone over the air. Such that you never need to plug it into anything again. It figures out where your phone is within a room and then fires an arrow beamed towards it. Which can be converts by the phone to charge sufficiently. That’s amazing—also bonus points to whoever made this poster for Xiaomi nice. 

 But this isn’t new. Some of the other companies already tried it And failed. We had the mother box, this alien capsule-looking device. That could broadcast up to 10 Watts of power in all directions that were 2017.


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We’ve had wi charge which called itself the future of power. Not to mention energy whose concept was almost identical to the one Xiaomi just released. None of them have worked why well because her charging is hard. Even with this new Xiaomi won, the power limit per device is capping at 5 Watts. 5 once is the amount of power. That the original iPhone from 2007 charged with and in a market where phones were the cable hitting 120 watts. Funnily enough, a lot of them are Xiaomi’s phones. That is going to feel slow.

Working of Air Charger

Smartphone equivalent trying to fill up a bottle well the lid still on. But that’s only the start of its perceived for this to work you need not just the base station. But also you need a phone that has a beacon antenna that is active all the time to constantly communicate with the base station. To make sure it knows where to fire the people charge. Also 14 other antennae to be able to convert their charge into actual battery juice so straight away just the very method by which this works completely wipes out the possibility of

 This working with your existing phone but probably also be any phone that’s not a Xiaomi phone. Plus just having all of these antennae active all the time raises another concern. See the biggest existing problem with the current standard of wireless charging is the fact that it’s super inefficient. Like compared to a cable which is directly connecting the power source via a highly conductive metal. Every time you try and charge through one of these pads that energy has to pass through. Not just the metal but almost always a sheet of plastic from the charger and the sheet of glass on the back of your phone. These are not highly conductive materials and.

So as a result much less of the energy you put in actually ends up his charge on your phone and much more of it. Hence of heat which is not just a complete waste of resources but is also actively bad for your battery’s health well air charging is even more wasteful because as well as all of the inefficiencies of standard wireless charging we’ve now got to use even more energy to not just locate and keep track of where the phone is but also potentially to fire this beam across 5 metres worth of air.

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And all of this is not even factoring in that the charging station is the size of a fridge the fact that it probably costs as much as your phone itself to buy potential health concerns and the simple fact that this was not a product announcement this was not show me saying hey here’s the thing you can pre order it at this date all this was Xiaomi saying we’re working at.

 The same way we saw there mimics Alpha which never come out the same way we saw their triple folding phone wherever that is the same way as Apple’s air power which was show off proudly to the world only then for them to realize this is trick is two things.

I want that I highly doubt this particular product you see in this commercial is anything you’re going to be able to buy globally but also number two that I’m thrill Xiaomi announce this.

The simple fact that Xiaomi is announces that they’re working on it. Instead of some small Kickstarter firm is in itself big news. Because Xiaomi is one of the few companies around the world. That has the scale and the money to do it correctly, and if you wants any indication, this could be about to become a massive trend that three hours after Xiaomi announced that they were working on this. 

Motorola just came out of nowhere and said hey we’re working on it too. And I could bet my bottom dollar that they are not the only ones. But also Xiaomi taken it further than anyone else. See their charging station can actually charge multiple devices at once cool but not just that even more. Significantly they’re saying it doesn’t matter if other objects come in the way now this is confusing. Because this whole air charging thing is based on the same millimetre waves that 5G is. And 5G is definitely affects with interfering objects. So you shall have actually figured a way to get around this. Then fair play to them and this whole big problem of the charging power being capped at 5 what’s the more.

I think about it the more I realised it wait not be a problem remember because you’re not actively having to plug your phone into a wall or put it onto a pad where it might restrict how you could use it you can effectively carry on using it like normal while the battery slowly trickles up and so it almost doesn’t matter if it’s slow coz you don’t have to do anything.  


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