How To Write SEO Friendly Article and Rank in Google (Beginner To Advanced)

If you are a new blogger and you want to write SEO Friendly Article for your website or blog, but you do not know how to write SEO Friendly Article.

In this blog post of today, I will tell you how you can write SEO Friendly article and you Can get blog posts ranked in Google.

If you also have your own website or blog and you want it to rank in Google or any search engine, then your first priority should be your content.

which you write in your article, you should write your article or post search engine. We have to optimize, but many bloggers ignore it, due to which their articles are not able to rank.


What is SEO Friendly Article

This is a way of writing articles that you can easily rank your article in the search engines, for this you have to create an article that people like on search blog as well as people who visit your blog.

By the way, there is clearly no definition because search engines consider an article as an SEO Friendly article and what criteria are used for it are not mentioned by the search engine so it is a confidential one.

But all such methods have been known on the basis of which SEO Friendly articles can be written for search engines and those who have also achieve a good ranking in search engines, then let us know about these methods.

How to write SEO Friendly Article, Let’s starts

1. Create Quality Article

Everyone knows that if you have knowledge in your content, you will definitely get traffic to it if not today and tomorrow the truth is that a lot of people spend more time in quality articles and other things like backlinks

But today it is not the case that there should be thousands of backlinks to your blog to increase Blog Traffic,

Because we too had started this blog without backlinks and today our blogs are becoming backlinks automatically.

It is true that backlinks are also very important, but let us tell you, Google search engine gives more attention to quality articles and ranks it in search engine,

so give more and more time to improve your content, then on your blog Traffic will increase naturally.

2.Create Long Article

In today’s era, Google ranks those articles in search, which write on a topic with a lot of details, now it does not mean that you just write anything to increase the length of the article.

By doing this, the readers of the article will not like it and it will increase your Bounce Rate and Google will be upset that it is not quality content and will never be able to rank.

So always write an article for your user, because this is the only way to get you to produce quality content, so especially the new blogger consider this.

3.Write article with Keywords

It is very important to use keywords and it is also important that you use keywords properly, so you should know where to use the keyword in the article.

  • Use Keyword in URL

Whenever you publish an article, keep in mind that the URL of your article should contain the keyword on which you want to rank your article in the search engine and such article is considered as SEO friendly article.

  • Use Keywords in Title

The title of any article is very important and it states that in this post you want to give information about something, so always use the Keyword in the title of your article, it tells both the user and the search engine that Your article is on a topic

  • Use Keyword in Article Description

In the search engine, only the title and description of your article are visible which means the visitor, then it definitely comes on your blog.

And in article description, keywords have to be used which the search engine considers as SEO Friendly Article and also ranks by the keyword.

  • Use Keyword first and Last Paragraph

To make your article SEO friendly, you must use keywords in the beginning and last paragraph of the article.

By doing this, when the boot of the search engine scans your article, it becomes known in two ways that your article is about a subject, so do it for writing SEO Friendly Article.

  • Use Keyword Image Alt Tag

The image has an important role in our article to make SEO Friendly Article and also it keeps the readers connected with the article, so photos and images are used in the article.

But many people do not use Image Alt Tag due to which images are not ranked in search engines and there is loss of traffic through it, so use keyword in image alt tag.

  • Use Keyword Heading

Article Heading not only attracts the user, but search engines also get a lot of help about that article, so use the keyword in your article heading.

Let us tell you that SEO Friendly articles cannot be written without using keywords and it is not that you fill the entire article only by using keywords.

By doing this, the user will not come to your blog again, so you write such articles where you need to use keywords.

4.Multiple Keywords

You must have seen many times that an article ranks on many keywords, that is the reason for using multiple keywords in it.

If your article is about many topics, then the same keyword is searched in a different way, then you should use multiple keywords in your article accordingly so that they can be ranked in search engines on everyone.

5.Research Content

As we told you that the search engine likes detailed articles so you also have to write full detailed articles and for this research is most important.

Without research, a good article cannot be written and at the same time writing your article better than the previously ranked article, your article is ranked by the search engine, so do research.

6.Catching Heading

If you have written your great article, but have not given such a handout which people are attracted to, then soon people will leave your article and run away.

So it is very important that you use Catching Heading in your article, which people will be excited to read your article completely.

7.Use Heading Tag H1 To H5

Search engines consider the same article as SEO Friendly Article, in which the Heading Tag is used correctly and it gives the search engine’s boot information about what is in the article.

So keep in mind that you should use the H1 To H5 heading Tag and provide a correct structure to your article so that it can become search engine friendly.

8.Article External link

In your article, External Link shows that it has provided great information through its various sources, so you link another website related to that article in your article, which would increase the value of your article in the eyes of search engines. is.

But only add links to the website in your blog article which is popular in search engines and also DA and PA are good.

9.Article Internal link

It is also important to link one article with another in your article, by doing this, your blog’s bonus rate is low and visitors read your blog article for a long time.

This increases the value of your blog in search engines, so connect articles related to the same topic with each other and make your SEO Friendly Article.


Just as images and photos are very important in an article, in the same way infographic is used in a high quality article.

Infographic can make your article viral and at the same time it also ranks fast in the search engine and by this you can also create a backlink for the blog, so make sure to use the infographic for SEO Friendly Article.

11.Social Sharing

Finally, after publishing your written article, you have to share it to as many people as possible, use social media for this and share the article on all social media as soon as it is published.

And at the same time tell your readers that if they like your article and if they get any help, then share the article because the more your article is shared, the more chances are that it becomes viral.

12. Write articles in short paragraphs

You should write your article in short paragraphs because a lot of users do not like to read long paragraphs and

More level of visit to website comes from mobile itself and there is difficulty in reading long article on mobile.

A short paragraph means you write a paragraph of 3-4 sentence.

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So let’s know, if you like what this article is about SEO Friendly Article and how to write it, then definitely share it with your friends who want to write Quality Article.

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