APPLE PRODUCTS | Why You Think Apple Products are so Expensive?

A phone is just a phone, and a computer is just a laptop, right you got to align. Make calls, take photos, and post on social media. So how can one brand justify consistently charging more for their products. While cheaper rivals do essentially per cent think the less well it’s not very easy. Apple Products would stand as vacuous empty-head sheeple who checkout 5000 bucks for a word spork. If Tim Cook tell it was excellent. And short, a negligible subset of the population. Predominantly those with more money for sense, will indeed buy any and every Apple product solely for the flex value.

 Like Mercedes-Benz or Louis Vuitton. There’s no getting around the fact that Apple Products is a brand or to a certain cachet. 


apple products, Why You Think Apple Products are so Expensive?

The spiritual father of the brand Steve Jobs was a great believer in beauty and the power of compelling aesthetic’s. He grew up in a suburban sprawl between San Francisco and San Jose in North California amid rows of attractive houses. Designed by mid-century architect Joseph Eichler. Eichler is famous for crafting quality modernist family hope Santa middle-class American families. They weren’t precisely mention, but their design pay appropriate attention to timeless style and proportion principles. Young jobs took note of grand arrangements. As both Eichler and jobs understand needn’t be the exclusive domain of multimillionaires. If you can make something bright, functional and easy on the eye. Than even if it costs a little more people for the love of it.

Jobs was famously obsessive details. For instance, when it bugged him that the shade of yellow in the second over the Google logo didn’t look quite right him on an early iPhone. He immediately reached out to Vic Gundotra, Google senior vice president of engineering. I told him to tackle the problem on a Sunday indeed. It takes a lot of complex work jobs said in a late-career interview to make something simple to understand. The underlying challenges truly and to come up with elegant solutions”.

And indeed, every chic rounding Edgewood brushed metal finish. Or optimally clacky keyboard sound on every apple device takes time and investment. Not least in precision machinery to manufacture these shiny doodahs scale. Looking and feeling so effortless takes a vast amount of effort. And generation-defining work like legendary angle designer Sir Jonny alive. But it’s not just look at as apples very first marketing brochure publishes in 1977 succinctly put it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Thus, in addition to their incredible beauty or flex value or whatever you like to call it. Apple products are also much simpler to use and get your head around on rival phones or computers. In the parlance of infuriating Apple fanboys and girls everywhere, Apple products work. That often used one-liner bumps up against a frequent objection from apple sceptics who insist that an identical specification computer. Or phone can be had for less money from other brands or on other platforms. 

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Sure Apple phones aren’t Customizable, and their computers aren’t cut out for hard-core gaming. But most of the public art fragging noobs on mining bitcoin. Neither do most users have time to troubleshoot or navigate arcane menus to tweet their devices. They want a phone or computer or a tablet that at the risk of sounding like a broken record works.

And least we forget the criticality of customer service primarily to an end-user. Who was an incredibly tech-savvy apple network of stores and friendly genius? Bar format is legendary among fans for its Accessibility and cost-effective service. Not least when covid forced the company to successfully move their entire service division online. That level of attention is invaluable to millions and providing it doesn’t come cheap. Neither does the fact that Apple produced hardware almost everything. Even down to the CPU in the latest models and software. So unlike a PC developer who has to assume their product will be running on multiple spec machines. And all manner of configurations with all the compromises that entails. A Mac or iOS app developer knows the hardware inside out and can code accordingly. 

But the software pre-bundle with most Mac is pretty impressive but dazzlingly slick. Consistently update operating systems and powerful tools like GarageBand I work iMovie and more. So for the end-user who wants to cut together a short home movie. Or accord a simple beat with the gear. They have to hand Apple machines are robust. Straight forward, they wanted professionals, and creative swear by them. Before we even get to privacy, on an Android phone running Google. Your data is part of the business model. Meaning every move you make on your phone is monetize by the powers that be. Apple is different. The Cupertino colossus might use your data to improve their services in a strictly limited and transparent fashion. But they’re not out to make a fast Buck selling your info out of third parties. 

How much is your privacy worth not just today. But in a year or five years or ten years from now. Apple self-contains ecosystem also means that products, especially their phones. Don’t come loaded with so-called bloatware called software pre-installed by profit-hungry third parties. Below where makes sense commercially for manufacturers of rival devices looking to fatten up their margins. But offers little of value to the end-user.

 Although critics complain that Apple is essentially the Supreme of tech firms slapping their logo. Onto any old tat and laughing all the way to the bank. In reality, slick design, superior build quality, excellent customer service, seamless software and hardware integration and a commitment to privacy are worth money. Apple devices have better resale value.

Here’s CEO Tim Cook offering his eloquent defensive iPhone pricing back in 2018. Your phone has replaced your digital camera. You don’t have a separate one anymore. It returned with a video camera, r music player. It replaced all of these different devices. we found that people want to have the most innovative product available it’s not cheap to do.”


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