WhatsApp Vs Signal : Which is the best ?

The new WhatsApp policy has made the world realise the importance of privacy on social networking sites, now people are more concerned about their privacy then the features this individual sites offer. WhatsApp downloads have fallen by 35% after the change in their privacy policy, whereas Signal downloads have seen a rapid growth of 9438%. Signal is currently the number one free app in App store.
So if you’re confused about whether you should stay on WhatsApp or switch to Signal then let me help with it.

Issues with the new policy

• Issues with the new policy – Imagine you trust Zayn and you are really comfortable in sharing your secrets with him, he even promised you he won’t share it with anyone. But one day Zayn said you can share your secret with him but he will share your secret with Harry who is really bad at keeping secrets so, now will you share your secret with Zayn ?
Your answer to this question is actually your answer to this new privacy policy of WhatsApp. WhatsApp have stated that now Facebook will have access to your data, this means now Facebook can have access to your phone number, your IP address, name, your WhatsApp pay transaction details, your chats with chats with people using WhatsApp’s business account and also of your WhatsApp group chats.


Some of you must be wondering that maybe WhatsApp already had the access to these data then why are people going crazy about the new policy ? The answer is pretty simple your WhatsApp conversations are end to end encrypted which means no one except you and the person whom the message is delivered can read it, not even WhatsApp can read it until and unless you have used Google drive to backup your chats. WhatsApp never had the access to your chats with business accounts and neither of your WhatsApp group, along with that WhatsApp stores your phone number, name as it is necessary to create an account on WhatsApp. WhatsApp also holds a decent reputation in keeping things to itself whereas Facebook, as we all know has a very bad reputation related to keep data private. Facebook has sold a lot personal data of users in the past and was questioned in court about it so, now if WhatsApp gave access of your data to Facebook then there is a chance Facebook will sell it. This is exactly what is making everyone concerned about the new privacy policy.

• WhatsApp Vs Signal

WhatsApp Vs Signal

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* WhatsApp – WhatsApp messenger is a messaging app where you can text message and voice message. It also allows it’s users to share photo, video, document and audio. WhatsApp also has a feature of status where you can simply upload a status to interact in a better way with your friends.
Good aspects : –
1) Users – About 2 billion people are on WhatsApp messenger which means most of your friends are there on WhatsApp. This leads to interaction with friends being really easy, especially comparing it to other messaging apps where the probability is less.
2) Status feature – WhatsApp not just allow it’s user to have one on one conversation with their friends but also have them interact in a better way using the status feature.
3) Interface – WhatsApp is used friendly. It is really easy to understand and use.

Bad aspects :
1) Privacy – Before WhatsApp messages where end to end encrypted but now we can see Facebook having access to your group chats.
2) Backup – Though WhatsApp says your private chats are end to end encrypted but if you use Google drive as backup for your chats then there is a chance that your chats can be read by a hacker.

Signal – Signal is a cross platform encrypted messaging app, it is developed by Signal foundation. Founder Brian Acton was the co founder of WhatsApp and the other founder is a cryptographer.

Good aspects :-
1) Privacy – Signal is considered to as the best privacy policy among all other apps. It’s not just end to end encrypted but your chat backup is also stored in your device thus it leads to a secure backup.
2) Interface – The interface is user friendly and eye-catching.

Bad aspects

1) Users – Signal has 10 million users now which is nothing in front of WhatsApp’s user base. This also lead to less of your friends available on Signal.
2) Status – Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook signal does not have any status feature.

So if you want to know what’s better between WhatsApp and Signal then Signal is the winner, the privacy policy it has is commendable and makes it a clear winner if you’re concerned about your privacy.

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