What is the Koo app? Why are government officials joining it?

Koo App is the Most popular App Voice of India in Indian Languages.

You can join India’s Best minds that speak their mind on Koo App. India’s Best Minds contribute to Koo App .every day.

India’s best minds, such as IAS / IPS/ IFS / IRS officers, Politicians, Celebrities, Journalists. Also, IIT, IIM Executives, Life Coaches, Psychologists. More than 1000s of other professionals, are active on Koo App every day. Join them and make your voice heard!

Just 10% of India speaks English. Approximately 1 billion people in India don’t understand English. Alternatively, It says one of India’s 100s of languages.

Now they are getting access to smartphones and would love the internet in their language. Koo is an effort to make the voice of these Indians heard. People can participate internet in their mother tongue. 

Koo app approved by the GOI. The Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of India’s Aatmanirbhar Apps. In Government Vs. Twitter, Made-In-India Koo Reaches 900,000 Users In just 6 Days.

An Indian alternative to Twitter Inc. is experiencing a wave in popularity later; the US microblogging site disagreed with the government. A sign of the growing political problems for social media services.

In the Koo app, users send out tweet-like posts in English. Leading officials Piyush Goyal, the honorable minister of industry and commerce.  

Koo has its logo of a yellow chick that bears a similarity to Twitter’s blue-and-white bird. But it was founded just a year ago & it is a fraction the size of Twitter.

According to data from analytics provider Sensor Tower. It had approximately 2.6 million installations from Indian app stores last year.

Compared with about 28 million installations for Twitter. According to the firm’s mobile insights’ strategist Stephanie Chan from Feb. 6 to Feb. 11, Koo’s installations soared by 901,000.

Koo app vs Twitter

The Indian government find an alternative of Twitter. Nowadays, the Honorable prime minister promoting Koo app. The case of data breaching pending in the supreme court. So the government wants its own Social media platforms like Twitter.

The winner of the competition started with the Union ministry of electronics & information technology. They started July last year to find options for Chinese apps. Koo had won under the “social” category and two other apps. The Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned Koo.

While declaring the winners on his Mann Ki Baat radio address in August. Still, the app didn’t quite make it big until now. Though, Modi is yet to join Koo and remains active on Twitter.

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