10 Awesome Ways for finding Trending Topics for your Blog

Every blogger and SEO expert would advise you to write on trending topics because it can boost your visibility and increase social media and referral traffic if shared efficiently. One another reason for writing on trending topics is that readers are anxious to know in detail about the most searched topics at present. 

If a topic is currently trending on social media or any topic has been searched for most recently, producing comprehensive content on such topics will resonate with your audience. Here, we are going to talk about those tools where you need to monitor recent trending terms or what’s new over the internet. 

10 good ways to find trending topics for your Blog

Question & Answer sites

These are the communities that are used for various SEO objectives. By using these sites, you can perform keyword research, build backlinks, generate traffic, and find trending topics. The most prevalent sites are Quora and Reddit.

Quora: Quora is not only a platform for Q&A, but you can use it as a source for your information, doubt clearance, and many more. In this platform, a plethora of questions is asked daily related to trending issues or topics. You will see a diverse range of questions and get ideas to cover those in your blog that your readers want to know. And the easiest way to exploit topics for your blog is to join a niche-specific space or group on these sites. 

Reddit: It is not just simply called the front page of the Internet. People come here to look for what’s trending now on the internet. Every day there is a debate on some issues or topics and people also get answers to their questions. You can find some incredible topics to write articles.

Google trends

It doesn’t need any familiarity! Google Trends is one of the best and free tools for keyword research and to find trending topics or searches over a certain period of time. It helps you to compare different queries simultaneously to get the insights of keywords. It also gives you in-depth data for country-specific and niche-specific search terms and its related. 


Twitter is a prominent app where esteemed people remain active the most. It gives you a platform where you put your clear and concise words into action. Here, you will find the top-most 30 actively hashtags which are trending at present. By looking at the trending hashtags, you get an overview of ​​which topic people are talking about. Also, you have an option to consider that using your targeted keywords in hashtags and promote it as a “promoted or paid tweet” on Twitter. These hashtags will appear at the top worldwide or in the targeted region, as needed. 

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer is a smart tool that provides advanced topics, link opportunities, and other metrics that help you write content and get traffic. Enter your keyword or any topic, and the tool will show all the performance data related to articles like its social sharing, organic traffic, site’s domain authority. It goes deeper when you use the filter, and you can extract more information, e.g, published time, inbound backlinks, referring domain, etc. 


Pocket is a composed tool that lets you save any web page, video for further reading, or viewing, under one roof. Abundant information is available, and whatever you are consuming online, you can easily organize it here. The website is recently updated and when you move towards its “Explore tab”, you can discover more topics and check out trending content by choosing your niche. If you turn to its “Discover tab”, you will see recently saved articles. It simplifies the process, collects articles across multiple platforms, stores it, and find research topics.


Feedly is an RSS news aggregator, a cloud-based service. It is a great blend for finding, storing, and reading content in the context of your interest, plus you can use it from any platform or device. It allows you to follow blogs across different niches in a single click and you can access it from anywhere. If any website uses RSS feeds, you can read their content directly on your Feedly dashboard, without visiting the sites. This way, you can read and discover trending topics according to your interest in one place.


Another hot way to find trending topics in your niche is by using Medium. Medium is a content syndication and content sharing platform where anyone can share their views by writing and syndicate the content. Look out the homepage, you will find many notable content pieces related to your business verticals that induce you to write on the same topic. Next to that, you get a search bar, here, you can search for any topic to find interesting articles. 

Content Studio

Content Studio is the one-stop hub for all your content creation needs. Whether its discovery, planning, scheduling, automation, and analysis. By centralizing all the needs related to the content, it has emerged as a robust player in the content marketing field.  Content Studio allows you to quickly find great and trending content related to your niche or your area of ​​interest and gives a detailed social media engagement matrix. It gives you more flexibility and you can share interesting content with your audience or followers among your social media channels.

Competitive Research

Competitive research is not a tool to help you find trending topics and write engaging content. With a little effort, patience, and smart work, you can genuinely find resonating topics to write on your own. Every blogger and marketer do competitive research to beat and outrank their competitors, and you could do the same.

To get to know which topics your competitors are writing content, Topic Research Tool from SemRush is an awesome way to get ideas. Just enter your targeted topics or keywords and in return, Semrush provides you brief data about it; like its subtopics, interesting questions to cover in the article, backlinks needed, social media engagements, etc. While researching raw topics, you will get some more fascinating questions that people are talking about. Click on the overview tab in the Topic Research tool, here you get tailor-made questions around your topics. 

Google Related searches

It’s another great way to find trending topics around your core keywords. Google’s related searches give you a worthy and authentic picture of what people are searching for. You get more helpful queries for your main topic when you scroll down at the bottom in SERP. 

Answer the Public is another option you should use to find more exciting and some mind-blowing questions to cover in your blog. 


Writing on evergreen and trending topics is always beneficial because if shared widely, it can bring in more traffic and will result in more conversions. There are many more ways to research a currently popular topic, but sticking with a few that provide you with a concise illustration is a good way.

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