Top 10 Video Game Series in History

Metal Gear 

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The Metal Gear franchise contains some of the most beloved stealth-action games ever made. The series is set the bar for storytelling in video game series through its extensive use of cinematic in its more recent titles. While the Storey itself can veer into the absurd, that’s just part of its charm. Metal Gear games also feature great gameplay, gorgeous music. And some genuinely outlandish characters from the early 2D titles to the 3D cinematic masterpieces. Metal Gear is just a solid series, through whether it stays that way. After creator Hideo Kojima’s departure, well, we all know about Metal Gear survive right.


Grand Theft Auto

GTA may focus on criminals, but the series track record for quality video game series is positively saintly. While its humble top-down beginnings are just so, once the franchise made the jump to 3D. It quickly became the biggest name in open-world games. The games feature a tonne of freedom while also delivering engaging storylines and some a list voice acting. The amount of variety within the series is also impressive. From the 80s themed by the city to the expansive GTA5. We don’t know when we’ll get the next entry in the series, but it’s sure to be great.

Batman Arkham 

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These games aren’t just some of the best superhero video game series ever made. They’re also right up there with some of the best Batman storeys out. The voice acting is stellar, and the twists and developments add hard. Even if you can see some coming type plus, unlike most Batman storeys. You get to decide how to take down his foes or at least the goons. And sure, origins is a weak link in the franchise, but that’s only by comparison to the others. It’s still a decent game. The Batman Arkham franchise truly immerses players in the world on a night, and it’s one fantastic experience.


Not the first video game series to have great cinematic cut scenes. Uncharted, as arguably some of the best, the franchise’s compelling adventure storeys feel like something. Hollywood wishes they could pull off, with great characters engaging storeys and gameplay as well. As jaw-dropping set pieces, each of the series four main entries is excellent in its way. Even if later games naturally build on those that came more. The uncharted series is off the charts in terms of quality and with naughty dogs track record. That’s unlikely to change in the future.

God of War

 When it comes to action video game series, players worship a diverse group of them. Still, God of War ranks near the top of the pantheon, following Kratos, a human turn God as he battles deities of Greece. Later, in Scandinavia, the God of War games are filled with moments of spectacle and surprisingly emotional storytelling most of all. However, the franchise is among the best in making players feel like Badass. Even the QuickTime events are extraordinary. The games have reached new heights recently, and like Kratos himself or curious to see just how high they can ascend.

Mario Kart

A sub-series within the expansive Mario franchise Mario Kart game see everyone’s favourite plumber and his friends, enemies and relatives engaging in Kart racing. Although most games improved in some way on those who preceded them, several Mario Kart games have the unique gimmicks that set them apart, such as double dashes to the driver per card. Every game in the franchise is a fundraising experience, even if they can all be frustrating, mainly if there is a blue Koopa shell involve. At the same time, Kart racing isn’t exactly an innovative or acclaim genre. Mario Kart games are consistently the best at what they do.


Easily one of the most underrated series on our list, yakuza has been gaining traction recently outside Japan. However, there’s still plenty of people who are sleeping on its greatness. Perhaps most easily described as a cross between Shenmue and GTA, the Yakuza franchise primarily follows the yakuza Kazuma Kiryu as he becomes embroiled with the Japanese gangster scene. The series compelling Storey and well-drawn characters are only the tips of the iceberg go. There’s also excellent beat them up to combat and more side missions than you could shake a chicken at like seriously, there is so much to do in these games it’s all crazy.

Dark Souls

Whether their demons or dark the soul’s games are exceptional, this franchise of action RPGs may be famous for their punishing difficulty. Still, it has proven to be a mountain that players are eager to climb no matter how many times they get knock down. While a few quality of life changes as the series has gone on, its core gameplay has remained essentially unchanged. It is probably because it works so well while pitting players against a succession of huge and hugely complex bosses may not be everyone’s Cup of tea. For those who enjoy it, praising the soul series is like praising the sun. It’s just what you do.

The Legend of Zelda

The legend of the Zelda franchise is legendary in more than name. It’s also renown for its high standards of quality. Even its weakest entries are still good video game series. From its humble beginnings on the NES to the breathtaking open world of the breath of the wild. The Legend of Zelda has been providing exceptional games for decades. Most may follow similar structures, but each has its unique spin on the successful formula to keep it distinct. The Legend of Zelda always delivers fun puzzle slash adventure gameplay, creative worlds, memorable characters and unforgettable music.

Super Mario

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The core Super Mario titles are the gold standard of video games because they don’t miss. Super Mario set the standard for both 2D and 3D platformers and raised those standards with practically every new release. The series has some of the most iconic gameplay characters, music and overall presentation in all video games. While the moustachioed man has put out a few games that weren’t up to his high standards, there still quality titles by any other measure. Let’s put it this way if you could only play one game for the rest of your life and the choices were any random non-Mario game and a random Super Mario game, you should probably bet on Mario, just saying.


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