This is How SpaceX Builds Their Rockets


How does Elon Musk manage to get his SpaceX employees to build rockets so quickly and still have time to post memes on Twitter, since June 2010 rockets from the Falcon 9 cluster have launched 114 times with 112 made launches? The SpaceX lineup dominates rocket flights because of the innovation and efficiency of their rockets, they are the only privately owned company that successfully delivers humans to the International Space Station. SpaceX handles about 2/3 of NASA’s launches including many research payloads with flights as cheap as $62 million roughly 2/3 the price of a rocket from United Launch Alliance a competitor.

With all of these workloads it begs the question how does SpaceX manage to build their rockets so fast?

The answer is exceptional engineering.

Exceptional Engineering.

All rockets are made with innovative technology and since 2014 hypersonic grid fins made of titanium have been installed on all the SpaceX rockets contributing to their rocket’s smooth landing. Elon Musk says these fins are going to be factory-made from welded steel on future spaceship vehicles the prices of their materials are comparatively cheaper.

The Materials

Musk says carbon fiber costs about $135 per kg which about 35% of it is wasted in the manufacturing process thus Musk has opted for the cost-saving option in stainless steel which costs about $3 per kilogram and Elon explains that this is even more beneficial because it allows the company to experiment freely without much fear of losing lots of money compared to using carbon fiber, in his words he said “very easy to work with steel. Oh, I forgot to mention SpaceX’s high-quality carbon fiber is $135 a kilogram 35% scrap so you’re starting to approach almost $200 a kilogram 301 steel is $3 a kilogram”.

So rather than using computer simulations that aren’t always accurate the company can opt for cheaper materials that will allow them to perform more real-life experiments and collect more accurate data, it’s also worth noting that stainless steel is resilient and durable and has colder temperatures.


In an associate interview once backing up the stainless-steel he same “ the simplest style call on this physical object is 301 stainless-steel as a result of at cryogenic temperatures 301 stainless has about the same effective strength as an advanced composite for aluminum-lithium” Musk said. Unlike most deals which get brittle at low temperature 301 stainless gets much stronger its strength to weight ratio at cryogenic temperatures is equivalent or even perhaps slightly better than advanced composites or aluminum-lithium. He said this is not well appreciated because if you just look at the materials manual and say what the strength of stainless steel is it looks much weaker than it is if you say what the strength of cryogenic temperature is much stronger at a very low temperature almost twice as strong, that’s when it becomes better than carbon fiber or aluminum-lithium.

Another way they’re able to save time is with their heat shield the average space rocket has about 21,000 heat shield tiles which have to be inspected one after the other before their fit to travel but SpaceX’s rockets don’t have to go through the same problems SpaceX’s Starship can survive in extreme situations so that’s not a worry this, in turn, gives them more time.

A Cooling System

Musk also be talked about how a transportation cooling system may be enough for their starships instead of installing thousands of heat shield towers. It’s a system whereby the ship would have two exterior stainless-steel layers and cooling liquids or water would flow through the sandwich layers. They are also developing technology to control the altitude of rockets this will help the landing of the Rockets easily plus they’re reusable and deficient economically and this gets us closer to another answer.


This is them save prices and build rockets quicker as a result of their goal is to land and access area daily like Aeroplan’s, this is often a lot of wise approach for them. Musk aforesaid if one will discern a way to effectively utilize rockets a bit like Aeroplan’s the value of access to the area are going to be reduced by the maximum amount as an element of a hundred. a completely reusable vehicle has ne’er been done before that actually is that the elementary breakthrough required to revolutionize access to the area

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