Clubhouse(The Exclusive Social Media App)

The Clubhouse is the app making waves over social media for its exclusive and elusive nature. The app is exact off the drawing board of Silicone Valley company Alpha Exploration Co.
It’s endorsed and used by some of the most prominent personalities on the planet. Such as Wiz Khalifa, Jared Leto, Drake, Oprah, and Ashton Kutcher, to name a few. Elon Musk is also using this useful application.


Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg is somehow related to the app. The only link between the two is Musk’s adoration for any new, seemingly disruptive, or unique technology.

The clubhouse is impressive because it tries to bring people closer to celebrities by simulating an intimate conference call-like situation.
Professionals are touting Clubhouse as the next big social media app. After a recent $100 million; they might be right.
We’re here to uncover the exclusive platform and answer the question on everyone’s mind.
“What is Clubhouse, and how do I join?”.

The new audio-chat app invites only and allows conversations in chat ‘rooms. The trending topic of the day is Clubhouse. For the uninitiated, it may make no sense yet – an app that requires an invitation involves audio-only chats and is free, for now.

The Clubhouse is a social media app that launched less than a year ago and has already caught the attention of big shot players such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook Inc.

The clubhouse is now blocked in China after a brief uncensored period:- The Chinese government has also moved ahead and blocked it in the country. Didn’t hear about it? According to the Study, the Clubhouse has been installed 5.5 million times worldwide.

With roughly 42 percent of downloads in the US, 16 percent in Japan, and 10 percent in Germany. Facebook is reportedly developing a new audio chat product similar to Clubhouse, NYT listed on Wednesday, citing people comfortable with the matter.

Twitter is also ramping up trials for spaces, including audio-only chat rooms. So here’s what you should know.

What is the Clubhouse?

What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social media app, unlike any social app, you would’ve used before. It’s different from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Clubhouse doesn’t waste time sharing irrelevant information.

Who cares where you went over summer, or where you ate lunch? The Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app for sharing constructive conversations between industry professionals and celebrities.
Once you’re inside the Clubhouse, you can contribute to discussions, eavesdrop on other’s conversations and stir up conversations of your own. Remember that, getting into Clubhouse is much more comfortable.
The Clubhouse has become the primary space for celebrities, media personalities, and adventure capitalists to share stories and advice. It is a dedicated space where they can answer questions, lecture.

Who created the Clubhouse app?

Developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth, the app received approximately $12m in funding from US capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in May.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

The app itself is straightforward to use. Where Twitter is focused on text and words. Instagram is focused on images and video.

Facebook is focusing on all about profiles and faces & The Clubhouse is a little different. Clubhouse App strict focus on audio. You might be slightly used to this form for social connection. You spent a fair amount of time on Zoom app this year so that Clubhouse won’t seem too unfamiliar.

Once you’re in the rooms, you’ll see people talking to each other. You might stumble across stars, musicians, entrepreneurs, and writers sharing information and knowledge. 

Celebrities who attend the Clubhouse app include Oprah, MC Hammer, Drake, Estelle, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, Meek Mill, Van Jones, Aston Kutcher, and many other Silicone Valley entrepreneurs. Elon musk also using this useful application.

The purpose of the app is to join rooms and listen to the constructive conversations the app around. Now, like a Zoom video call, the host will moderate the members inside.

Room members can raise their hand to participate & hosts can unmute them. In several ways, the app is a great networking tool. If you can secure an invitation, it will link you to the industry’s biggest names, opening many doors along the way. Networking and eavesdropping are the main reasons you want to use the app, and just like LinkedIn and Instagram, we’re sure that’s more than enough reason.

How Do I Join ?

How Do I Join ?

While the app at $100 million, there aren’t many members right now. We’re talking just over 100,000. The Clubhouse is currently in ‘beta’ which means it’s only open to a minimal and select number of people. Only those who can join and only those who enter can invite.

If a new member asks to join then the existing member has the option to send the link to another person to invite. Unless on other social media platforms, or you’re a striving entrepreneur with an extensive network, it could be sometime before you score an invitation.

If you want to eavesdrop on your favorite celebrities and adventure capitalists, you might have to move fast to secure that invite as some experts believe it could all be over before July next year.

Josh Falser, the co-founder of venture firm Freestyle, expects Clubhouse to face the same binary outcome as Chat roulette, an anonymous video app that peaked in 2010. “It’s something big,” said Falser. 


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Upon joining Clubhouse, a user can select their topics of interest from a varied list of topics.  Users must remember that the conference rooms and individuals they could follow based on their interests.

The more information about their interests users give to the app, the better content they are likely to find. How Clubhouse works like a conference call, but it has some people on the market talking while most are just listening into the discussion. The conversation room also gets closed once the debate is over, much like a phone call. However, while the app does not have a feature allowing users to come back to listen to the discussion once it is over, it will enable listeners to record the live conversation.

The features of Clubhouse feature that it plans to introduce, like tickets or subscriptions so that the creators can on the app.

Does Clubhouse record the conversations?

Amid rising concerns regarding data privacy, this is a significant question that users are now asking before they join any platform. It is but natural that users would wonder the same for Clubhouse as well.

Well, Clubhouse does record the live conversations taking place on the platform, but only temporarily. The company has said that these recordings are carried out only to conduct incident investigations. The reason behind if any abusive behavior while the audio room is in session, these recordings to investigate such incidents.

In such cases of reports, the tapes, which in nature, are kept by Clubhouse till the investigation is complete. On the other hand, if no such violations during the audio session, then the recording is deleted as soon as the live conversation session ends. Moreover, the platform has said that Clubhouse does not record the recordings from the audience members and muted speakers.

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