The Best Android &IOS Camera Apps For High-Quality Images

It is the most useful camera apps for your smartphone for camera controls, filter effects, and just plain fun!

The most useful camera apps can take your smartphone’s image capture to a whole new level. The Smartphone cameras have come a long way over the last few years. Even photographers who used to be very sniffy about using them can often reach for their phone as a convenient alternative to a bulky camera.

The Photographs bring pictures back and give us a chance to remember. It’s a great place, a magnificent sunset, a baby’s heart-melting smile, quality time with friends and family, or even good food.
Now everybody has android phones as their best mates. They come in handy with camera applications that will make the photos look surreal.
The Mobile app development companies are coming every day with great ideas. Till delight their customers. We have to need to develop the best android camera app for worldwide smartphone users is one such idea. In this blog, the Best and Android & IOS camera apps in 2021 capture high-quality images of your precious time.

Instagram-Smartphone Camera


You can also Create great Instagram stories at the shooting platform

Use Platform: iOS and Android | The Camera controls: Great Filter effects |

  • Very easy to use.
  • Lets you show support for campaigns. 
  • Lots of free effects.
  • Limited camera control.

Instagram is best known as a social media platform for sharing images, but it also has a camera element that lets you create Instagram stories (pictures and video which only visible for 24 hours) in the app. You can shoot and post unadulterated, fully-automatic snapshots and add tags, text, mentions, and GIFs, but there’s also a vast range of effects that you can apply as you take the shot. There’s everything from beautifying filters to cutely animated bunny ear stickers and pride color filters or campaign slogans. Once you’ve got the picture nailed and added any tags, you want to hit ‘Your stories’ to share it with the world.

Camera MX

Camera MX
Camera MX

Use Platform: iOS and Android | The Camera controls: Great Filter effects |

It’s one of the guides in android camera applications. The Camera MX provides various features that will surely delight the users. 

The features are Autofocusing, Customizable JPEG quality, or multi-resolution support. The developers are open to variations in quality—the types of images in the modern world. Regular updates are made to the app to keep it from becoming obsolete. Camera MX also allows you to record animated and brilliant videos and edit them later for further perfection. 

The Live pictures and GIF mode makes Camera MZ one of the best quality camera apps available. The apps also give you an inbuilt photo editor feature.



You can take control of the exposure & white balance or focus of your photos.

The Platform: Android and iOS | Price: Free or Membership £19.99/$19.99 annually) | Camera: Exposure, Flash, White Balance, Focus, shutter speed | The Effects: Huge range of post-capture filter effects

  • Good range of controls.
  • Extensive range of filters with membership.
  • Has its image-sharing platform.
  • Membership is very hard.
  • Although VSCO is free to download, you only get access to 10 of the 200+ creative effects and the paid membership HARD. 

The camera in the Studio area. Once the camera activated then you get access to an excellent range of controls. Including a slider that lets you shift the focus forwards and backward until it’s exactly where you want it. 

There are three viewing options available, a clear one, one with a grid to help with composition, and a third with an electronic level to put an end to wonky horizons. Once you’ve captured the image, you have the option to apply one of the preset effects or publish it to your VSCO account and share it with your connected social media channels.



The Platform: Android and iOS | Price: Free | Camera: Exposure, Flash, White Balance, Focus.

As the minds around the world are brewing with millions of mobile app ideas, the availability of applications that we desire increases day by day. Pixtica is an android camera app that to keeps up with the pace of today’s world.

The app to be the best mate, even for beginners. It’s an impulsive and fast technique; Pixtica will reward you with the perfect pictures of your perfect moments.

Major features that make Pixtica stand out are exposure control, hyper-lapse, active filters, manual controls, tiny planet, panorama, GIF recorder, slow motion, quick resolutions, photo editor, QR scanner, etc. many more.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5
Camera FV-5

It turns your Android smartphone into a ‘real camera.’

Use Platform: Only for Android | The Price: $3.95/£2.49 | Camera: White balance, exposure, flash, raw/JPEG |


  • It gives vital camera controls.
  • Icons rotate for portrait and landscape. 
  • There’s a histogram to guide exposure.
  • No depth of field control

If you’ve got an Android phone and want DSLR-like control over the camera, Camera FV-5 is the go-to app. If your phone supports it, then you can even shoot 16-bit DNG raw files. 

There is no control over background blur. There are Amazing features like face detection & autofocus or infinity focusing. 

 It is also a built-in intervalometer that takes the math out of creating time-lapses.

I Love Film

You can use this app for free if you love shooting on film.

Use Platform: only for iOS | Price: Free | Camera controls: Film type or ISO | The Effects: Replicates the look of traditional film emulsions


  • You can design a retro look with a single tap.
  • Additional film effects with the Pro version.
  • Preview the additional film for free.

It’s from the same developer as Darkr, but this app is a little more straightforward to use. 

Starting the camera then the first step is to select the film you want to use Color, Slide, B&W, Instant, and Infra-Red. 

Any results marked ‘Pro’ are only available if you upgrade to the Pro account (£4.99).

Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera
Pro Camera

DSLR-like camera controls and raw file shooting on a smartphone

Platform: iOS and Android | Price: $4.99/£4.99 iOS $3.99/£3.59 Android | Camera controls: shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, focus | Effects: traditional camera effects.

  • Range of exposure and focus controls.
  • Slow shutter and time-lapse add-ons.
  • Focus peaking, histogram, clipping views .
  • Android version no longer developed.

Designed to complement Moment’s range of smartphone lenses, Moment’s Pro Camera offers control over aspects such as shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, focusing, and white balance.

The sliding rules are easy to use with haptic feedback adding to the experience. The focus peaking is useful for keeping an eye on the sharpest areas of the image while ensuring you get the best exposure.

In really tricky conditions, the automatic exposure bracketing is useful, enabling you to take three differently exposed shots with one tap of the shutter release.

Darkr-Smartphone Camera

You can recreate the magic of the black & white darkroom with your phone.

The Platform: Only for iOS | The Price: Free | Camera: shutter speed, ISO, focus | 

  • Includes a camera and an editing element.
  • Tutorials explain the processes involved.
  • Small preview with free pocket-camera.
  • Dodging & burning can be too subtle.

This app enables you to convert existing color images into black and white or pick a camera to shoot monochrome negatives. The point-and-shoot pocket camera’ is available with the free app, but you can also buy ‘medium’ and ‘large format’ cameras for $1.99/£1.99 each.

Once you’ve captured your image, you need to open the ‘darkroom’ and select the correct exposure from the test strips.’ With that done, you’re able to crop the image and use the dodge and burn tools to brighten and darken specific areas of the image selectively. 

Candy Camera-Smartphone Camera

Candy Camera
Candy Camera

Shoot an Instagram-ready selfie in double-quick time

The Platform: iOS & Android | The Price: Free | Camera : Filter effects | Effects: Preset filters plus Skin perfecter and Facelift

  • Very quick preset filter selection.
  • Random filter selection option available.
  • Not possible to customize the effects.
  • The in-app ads get a bit tedious.

Created for selfies and portrait-shooters, Candy Camera offers a long list of preset filter effects with a tap on a thumbnail image.  The impact thumbnails are tiny & they have names like EV01 and JB02 that leave you guessing. 

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