Top Small Business Ideas in India

Are you thinking about starting your work, or are you confused about which sector to choose? In this article, some of the best small business ideas in India are mention that you can start with low investment to begin your entrepreneurial journey. 

In this current lockdown situation, many people have lost their jobs, and many others are actively seeking another source of income.

Starting a small business can be frightening and requires plenty of careful planning. There are many small business ideas, which can be beneficial as well as economical. Look, every business has its pros and cons, but to start any work, you must have enough skills and enthusiasm, and it means a lot.

Small-scale companies exist in every country in the world. In a developing country like India, it holds a special place because of the lack of capital and abundance of labor. 

With plenty of business ideas, it is hard to consider which work is worth doing. Considering a new trend can sometimes be risky but also highly beneficial. You might be noticed that below-listed ideas are growing in popularity, some being popular for a long time, and they are more competitive but less risky. However, all the below mentioned ideas would help you make money.

30+ Best Small Business Ideas in India with Low investment to Start Now

Selling on the E-commerce marketplace:

Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart bring different sellers and buyers to one platform. These e-commerce sites create an ecosystem where multiple third-party sellers list their products to sell, and buyers come to buy.

If you’re a person who has something to sell online, this business is a must-try as it is not only beneficial, but you don’t need to put effort into customer acquisition, logistics, etc. Few things to consider: research the correct marketplaces to join, compare the commission rate to others.

Coaching classes:

Are you confident as a good teacher? If yes, then it’s time to start your coaching classes. Being a teacher is a rewarding job. If you are proficient in your respective field, you can begin coaching classes with minimal investment. What’s more, Even if you are a multilingual person, you can earn money by becoming a language instructor. 

Jewelry Designing:

Women love beautiful and antique jewelry. With rising gold prices, jewelry making can be a good option. Not only natural, but you can also design artificial jewelry and sell them anywhere you want. There are also courses available for jewelry and metalsmithing designing on udemy, Shiksha, for those who don’t have proper knowledge and skill in jewelry making.

Product reviewer:

Product reviews are like recommendations for users in a direct/indirect way. For this, you need to choose a specific niche or micro-niche and write an in-depth study in an article or blog. Remember, you should give genuine thought to build trust and promote it directly through your website.

You can earn an affiliate commission when someone buys a product from you. Another option is that you can start a YouTube channel and promote any product indirectly by paid sponsorship. 

Food truck:

People show their fondness for food. Many peoples experiment with making new dishes, while others try to eat new ones. If you like to cook, you might have considered opening a restaurant, but abandoned it due to lack of funds. Well, a mobile food truck is a great way to start a food business.

All you have to do is buy a decent food van and make it more attractive, or you can also modify a small van for mobile kitchens. While this business requires some significant initial investment and research about places and foods


If you have fashion and designing sense, you could begin to a customized and personalized printed T-shirt business and sell it online and offline. Custom designs and artwork attract users. Requires some initial investment, but you can popularize your products effectively through a paid campaign.


It is no doubt that blogging is a well-known business idea. If you are a professional, working person, retired, or college student, you can start blogging anytime.

No matter what someone writes or makes a video about, stick with your niche, and give readers valuable and unique content. It sets you apart from others. Your income depends on engagement and traffic. When traffic increases, monetize your blog with ad networks. 

Agricultural business:

Agricultural business is a never-ending and evergreen sector that is worth trying. It’s all about the production, distribution, and marketing of farm commodities through farming crops and seeds. Even if you don’t have vacant land for agricultural purposes, you can also build a nursery in your terrace or garden area and sell plants to customers

Hand made Items:

Who doesn’t love esthetic and decorative handmade items? It is one of the profitable and traditional businesses that people have been fond of for so many years. You’ve made a handmade crafted item, someone seen it and appreciate your art, and ready to pay money for it. Isn’t it better? What else, you can show your creativity and sell it on amazon, or Etsy. Or, you can also open your small store after increment in your sales. 

Freelance writing service:

Content is the backbone of many companies that have an online presence. Creating quality content helps business owners and marketers stand out from the crowd.

In this digital world, there is an enormous opportunity for content writers to start either their content writing agency, or find jobs in the writing field, or also become a freelance writer. Not only content creators are always in demand, but you could also see scope in copywriting. A copywriter is a professional who writes to promotes any product or service for customers to take action.  

Online tutor:

With the tremendous growth of Internet consumption and the advancement of technologies, online tutoring has become more accessible to set up than ever. You can also teach international students sitting at home.

Individuals who cannot come to the coaching centers can now attend online classes at their homes. If you’re a proficient expert on any subject, start teaching others by providing virtual courses, or you can find clients on tutor

Yoga and wellness center:

Today, Yoga has been incorporated into many people’s routines. The abundance of people knows the advantages of yoga practice, and many don’t. Opening a yoga and wellness center would be a profitable business opportunity in India and foreign countries as well, only when you trained in this field.


Airbnb is a source of income for people who wish to host their property on the Airbnb marketplace. It is an online platform where host providers can list their property, extra lounge room, or even an entire house free of cost. What are you waiting for, having an extra clean room could be another source of income. 

Web and Graphic designer:

Needless to say that the demand for a graphic designer is always in print media, electronic media, online advertising agencies, and other businesses. If you have expertise in graphic and web designing, you can find potential customers on many different online platforms or just become a full-time expert.

Freelance photography:

In any event, photography is the only way to captivate precious moments. It is a hobby for some, and many have chosen it as a profession. If you are well aware of camera lenses, settings, and can capture stunning, candid pictures, you can open your photography studio or become a videographer.

Apart from this, you have an excellent opportunity to work as a stock photographer and upload your photos to Shutterstock, Getty Images, and earn a royalty fee when someone downloads it. 

Travel agency:

Who does not love to travel? It would be a magnificent idea to open a travel agency, only when you are confident enough to conduct domestic and international tours strategically. Besides this, you can earn money by becoming an agent of railway and airline companies for booking tickets.


Are you looking to open your online store, but doesn’t have enough money to buy products and manage inventory. Dropshipping can be a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In these modes of business, you don’t have to invest money in product buying. All you have to do is get the order and shipping details from your buyer and pass it on to the wholesaler, who then delivers it to a customer. 

Online courses:

In India, this small business idea is gradually becoming more popular nowadays. Create a comprehensive online course using video, high-quality visual images in your niche. The main advantage is that when someone downloads it, you can earn passive income through it. You can create a course on Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing. Like other business ideas, to generate sales, you need to promote it through multiple channels. 

Business consultant:

You may be a professionalist having expertise in your field. Why not become a business consultant by opening a consulting agency or company. It is one of the best small business ideas in India that people want to try first. 

You will be an SEO expert, social media marketer, web developer, financial advisor, tax planner, or you could be anything. Explore the market in new ways, where you can find potential clients, and where your customers lack experience; you can earn appropriate money by providing an ideal service.

Some great Small business ideas in India that you can start under Rs 10000 are:

Website and Automobile flipping:

It means buying old, running items, renovating it, improving its design, and sell to users at a profit. It has become another way to earn profit in recent days. 

Tiffing service:

Start tiffin service business for college and office going person. Make sure you make tasty and delicious food at your home, in that way you will earn countless customers and profits.

One food cafe:

A one food cafe is one of India’s unique small business ideas that a person would like to start. In this business, you focus on one food item, and It can help you earn good profits in the long term.

Wedding and event planner:

Many special moments come in people’s lives that are not easy to arrange alone. In metro cities, most people approach the wedding and event planners to organize their wedding or any other event memorable.

Virtual Assistant:

It is one of the most searched jobs for work from home today. They are independent skilled personnel who give virtual assistant services in administration, technical, back office, manual, marketing, etc. If you have strong interpersonal and communication skills, then you can find jobs on, Angielist

Some Other Profitable Small Business Ideas in India for Beginners that you can consider

  1. Renovation and Interior designing
  2. Beauty and Spa salon
  3. Instagram Marketing
  4. Catering Business
  5. Fashion accessories (jute and handbags, makeup item)
  6. Food-related business (bakery, chocolate cafe, dairy)

Conclusion: Here, you get the list of 30+ best small business ideas in India, which you can start with zero to less investment to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Thousands of people conduct market research to analyze business trends and see the growth and potential of the sectors in which they are willing to open a start-up and earn income in the long run. Undoubtedly, choosing any business idea is a personal decision, but moving in one direction with your keen interest, skills, and risk-taking ability would be the right decision for young entrepreneurs. 

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