PS5 ISSUES | Common Problems and Fixes of PlayStation 5

The highly anticipated PlayStation 5 has released to the public on November 19th 2020. With so many people eager to receive the console and see the future of Sony’s PlayStation, expectations were very high. As refused role in about the PS5 and people’s first impressions of it. Some discovered PS5 issues that people are starting to note. It will always be up to the gamer to decide. If they will welcome the PS5 for their minds as a fantastic gaming console.



The PS5 had made dramatic changes to their original console with new features. A new interface and a 4K capable picture, to name just a few. An issue some users had with their PS 5 was the rest mode. In this mode, you can set up your PS5 to sleep after a set amount of time to help save power and energy. This feature, however, again potentially caused the loss of data and progress. Turning on the console again manually after you’d stepped away from your game can be quite a headache. Even worse, a user note that they receive an error message saying that the console was shut off incorrectly.

So far, no one report any actual loss of data. But shutdown mistakes like these are to have data losses in the future. Hopefully, this is a bug soon to fix bt. For now, turn off the rest mode feature on your PS5.


A big problem people have discovered on their PS 5. That it’s causing some issues with the new controller. The new dual sense control roller the PlayStation has released a dramatic change from the previous controller. However, some PS5 users have found a bit annoying a technical bug. When they plug a headset into the controller, the headset runs out of batteries or turns off due to inactivity. They lose sound entirely and would have to reboot the console. That occurs even after they’ve turned the controller on and off again, as you can imagine. That is not an ideal bug to deal with when you’re playing any game. Having your headset wholly mess up the flow of your gaming experience is indeed. A bug that Sony needs to fix shortly.

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People have been struggling with the power button and powering off their system. Such an excellent essential feature of any device. Some users experienced a weird bug that they tried to turn off their PS 5, especially with their remotes. They received a message saying that they did not turn off the console properly. This message can be write off as a bug in the database that needs a bit of touching up. And hopefully, it will be resolve soon.


Another issue found by some new PS 5 users was the problems they were having with parental controls. Not an utterly universal issue. All gamers toggling between the kids’ safe accounts to the uncensored versions can be a bit of a hassle anyway. As some noted that they already had trouble doing this on the PlayStation 4. However, the PlayStation 5 had not seem to have resolved this problem for some users. As they reports that even when they try to turn off all the kid-friendly safeguards is still couldn’t play all the games. That means they would have to manoeuvre around the accounts made for kids in creating multiple accounts as a whole. However, this is not a very user-friendly model to buy and something Sony will want to check up on and smooth out.

However, the PlayStation 5 is a beautiful console, and people are already starting to fall in love with it and accepts into the console world with sleek design and graphics. Sony has made some severe changes to the PlayStation that appeals bugs and technical difficulties cannot overshadow. The issues people have discovered with the new PS 5 are not strictly what for expecting with such a unique and undoubtedly expensive console. Though Sony Hammers out all the bugs one by one portable and modern updates, the PlayStation 5 will shine even brighter.


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