Popular Cat Breeds To Domesticate

Siberian Cat

Bright colors Marvel’s were single, this cat is usually more independent than other breeds on the list they are affectionate and very intelligent their wild appearance penetrating gaze or two features which initially draw many to Siberian cat the emphasized their abundant and fluffy coat composed three well-developed layers which allow them to survive in very low temperatures all colors of fur and eyes are accepted in this breed with the exception of chocolate and Violet.

The Russian Blue Cat

The Russian blue is one of the easiest cast to recognize thanks to their short greyish fur and round green eyes although their physical beauty is undeniable this breed is, They are very sweet, intelligent, affectionate towards their owners and playful around children and one of the most loyal breeds to domesticate.

Oriental short hair and long hair

Oriental Cat Breed Information

One of the cat breeds that is similar to dogs in terms of behavior this type of Kitty is also similar to the Siamese cat, also Orientals can be very social and demanding felines though they’re definitely quieter and reserved than the Siamese who they’re related to by the way but what separates the Oriental from their post peers is that they are available in more than 300 different color combinations and come in both long hair and short hair form.


Likely originate in from Burma where they are believed to have been the protector of temples in the country these cats are very playful which is a good thing if you have kids or other pets around but they are also good at keeping themselves busy, that said they are usually fine with guests at your house and their flexible creatures as well which are traits you don’t usually expect from other breeds of cats, on top of all that it won’t have to groom them much either.


These cats are the result of the spontaneous mutation in Siamese cats, known for their strikingly beautiful long coat fur. This medium size is not popular only for their pretty face and blue eyes they are highly intelligent playful, active, and loving around kids and guests.


Ragdoll Cattery Andolls - Home | Facebook

With medium-long luminous fur and adorable face, Ragdoll is a true beauty, and it’s easy to be sucked in by these charming cats and their big blue eyes. They are very affectionate and loving towards their owners and children, however, this is very literally a domestic cat as rag dolls are not particularly good at defending themselves that said they are loyal cats in a sense that they’ll follow you around wherever you go so much so that they might remind you of a dog.


Siamese Cat Breed Complete Guide | AZ Animals

The fact about Siamese is that they crave attention and also sometimes they demand their owners for it. But highly social and athletic demeanor they might not be the most convenient kind to have if you’re not home that often, but at their best, they are very loyal types of feline friends to have finally have.

Exotic short hair

Exotic Shorthair Cat Information Center - A Breed Guide

Looks like a short-haired Persian, Exotic short hairs are one of the most friendly and loyal kinds of cats and very good cuddle partners. They are laidback and chilled-out felines but can still be energetic when they want to be if you want the best of both worlds, in other words, owning a Persian without having to groom them so much the exotic short hairs are right up your alley.

Maine Coon

Friday Fun: Look at These Photos of an Incredibly Large Maine Coon Cat  Named Lotus | Shutterbug

They are the largest of the American long Bearcats on they come in that 75 different color combinations with their flowing coat various colors and strong bone structure these cats are great ones to have at home, they do well in winter with heavy snowfall since their fur and big pause make them very durable in those kinds of weather conditions, these cats are big and can weigh up to 16-18 pounds and looks majestic. They have thick fur but they don’t need to be groomed often which is all the more reason to consider owning one.


What You Need to Know Before Bringing Home a Persian Cat | PetMD

They’re very laidback and easy going they’ll follow you around like a dog, their long fur wide eyes and pudgy faces bring their cuteness up to insane levels and their gentle but colorful nature makes them ideal domestic pets though the early Persian cats are believed to have originated in the 1600s in the region that would eventually become Iran the more modern ones may have come from Western Europe, and they need to take baths off at home with these kitties is well worth all that trouble.

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