MyGate: The Gated Communities!

What is MyGate?

MyGate gives app-based protection also community management solution that currently caters to the safety needs of over 1.2 million homes in 11 major Indian cities.
MyGate is a mobile-based smart security application to improve the safety of gated communities. The product is designed and executed by founders with experience in Armed Forces, NSG/SPG, and technology experts from Google and Oracle. MyGate will expand existing security in an intelligent and non-intrusive manner. Some of the abilities of MyGate that you as a homeowner will enjoy are:

Real-time domestic help management: Get instant information about the presence/absence of your household help (e.g., Maids/Drivers/Cooks/Nannies) in the community. You will have the ability to hire domestic use from the app after reviewing their ratings/reviews. Each of your household’s help to provide a passcode based on their government id. That passcode has to use at the gate for entry and exit.

Digital Gate Pass If you are giving any item (cash/food items/clothes/etc.) to your domestic help, you can issue a digital Gate Pass through the app. It eliminates the need to sign on a piece of paper and get a validation call from the gate.
Guest will get an OTP in SMS that will use at the entrance to provide a seamless entry.

An instant “Security Alert” for primary gatekeepers: If you see any unusual activity that endangers the safety and protection of fellow citizens, you can notify using the “Security Alert” feature, which will be treated with utmost priority by the security staff.

Digital validation at the gate for enhanced security: Digital experience of service providers also delivery boys entering the basis and resident allowed the workflow to validate visitors. Corporate like the concept of team member id applies by providing a unique passcode to working at a flat or working for facility office. Check-in and check-out using the passcode instituted.

About app

MyGate offers an app-based safety and community management solution that is currently providing the safety requirements of over 1.2 million houses in 11 main Indian cities. It assures that only verified guests enter your society. Moreover, users can use the MyGate app can use the MyGate app can use MyGate app to use the MyGate app to perform tasks such as finding the top-rated maids and maintenance staff, paying maintenance bills, booking amenities like function halls or badminton courts, staying connected with the other members of the society, and much more.

Once the managing community of a gated society signs up with the MyGate app, the MyGate team creates a back-end database of the society’s security personnel and the required digital profiles. It trains the guards also uses the app within 5-7 days. Once the control panel subscribes to MyGate’s services, citizens can use the app without extra costs. Download the My Gate app to download the MyGate app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

The society board can also ask for a presentation. The MyGate team offers a full demo on the onboarding method, deployment, and app usage to security staff, citizens, etc.

Founders and team

MyGate found by Vijay Arisetty, Abhishek Kumar, and Shreyans Daga in 2016.
Vijay Arisetty is the CEO of MyGate. Vijay was an NDA-ISB alumnus and was a pilot with the Indian Air Force for ten years, before taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

He also performed a crucial role in maintaining the emergency support services, managing the protection of air bases, VVIP flying, pilot training, and military flying services.

Vijay was awarded Shaurya Chakra (Peacetime Gallantry Award). In 2004 for his valour in saving over 300 tsunami victims within 3 hours, at the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

MyGate app co-founder Abhishek Kumar is an IIT Kanpur graduate and continues an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad. Before founding MyGate, Abhishek was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs for six years. He held for driving business plan and execution, key initiatives, economic architecture models, finance, and hiring. He was also a part of ON Semiconductors for nearly five years and was with i2 Technologies for three years.
Shreyans Daga is the CTO of MyGate. He is an IIT-ISB alumnus very excited about technology. Over 14 years, he built several apps and websites and continues to work on innovative products.

MyGate – Business and Revenue Model

MyGate’s revenue model is just like every other SaaS product’s model, i.e., subscription-based.
MyGate’s regularly pricing depends on the number of houses in the society.
It costs a flat about INR 20 (28 cents) per month. Thus, MyGate’s services’ cost comes down to an average INR 6000-INR 10,000 per community every month.

MyGate – Funding, And Investors

MyGate’s has increased $67.5 million in three cycles of funding to date from many investors.

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