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  We were considering your husband, but how many times, Sindel in Mortal Kombat. On the other hand, can serve you without lifting a finger? The reason why so many cringe and fear. The Queen isn’t because of her whip, a bride of a Frankenstein hairdo. It’s her set of pipes. Just by screaming, Sindel can blast back foes, make chef Boyardee out of her faces and even scare. Their soul out of their body, the only thing that limits her powerful voice is her lungs. And given how much yelling she had to do in combat, it’s safe to say she’s an explosive human subwoofer.



shujinko, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

If you weren’t familiar with this old man, shujinko was the protagonist of conquest mode in Mortal Kombat deception, where we were tasked with retrieving the “Kamidogu.” At the same time, he starts as an experienced warrior shujinko, eventually evolved into a master of nearly every martial art in the universe. That is because Damashi granted up the power to copy and learn every fighting style he sees. It’s instant knowledge meaning it can kick your butt in more than a handful of ways. With that kind of power, you can easily become the most powerful character.


Cetrion, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

Don’t worry, we’re not about to make this all about elder gods or anything, but centurion is way more powerful than one may realize. We aren’t just talking about her elder god status either. Cetrion can control life and nature, which means she has power over earth, water, light, air, and fire. In other words, she captain planet in poison ivy type sounds ridiculous. Still, when you think about it, all those elements allow centurion a lot of different abilities. She can crush you with rocks, drown you with water, and lit you up within fire, or how about all three. 


raiden, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

  We know what some of you are thinking. Wait. Why are you guys putting above centurion? All he has is lightning. Well, it’s not only about how many powers or abilities you hold. It’s how you use them. Raiden may be the god of just Thunder, but he’s capable of doing so many things with this single source of energy. Not only can he zap the living daylights out of his enemies, but he can also teleport almost instantaneously, conjure traps, used lightning for telekinetic abilities, and even heal. Rain doesn’t need to be a Jack of all trades through itself. He gets more than enough done with just Thunder and lightning.


Onaga, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

Onaga is such an intimidating foe that even shaoKhan was too much of a coward to fight him and even opted to poison him. Instead, yes, the feared dragon king is capable of committing unspeakable evil. When in possession of all the ‘Kamidogu,’ he is almost unstoppable. Even when they teamed up to take him out or not, Onaga made quick work of Quan Chi, Raiden, and Shang Tsung. Raiden even attempted to take oonoga down through a sacrificial blast. It was still not enough to stop him. Shujinko had to bring together every warrior and use their powers against Onaga, almost unstoppable!

Shang Tsung

 Why are we listening to the snake because I am a snake toiled besides learning a secret? I know without a doubt Shank Sue is the most underhanded cunning villain of the Mortal Kombat roster. The sorcerer will do anything if it means he’ll benefit later down the road. His power lies not only in his formidable intellect and fighting prowess but also in his soul-absorbing abilities. Shang Tsung can shapeshift into other people, copy their moves and even absorb their soul to retain his youth. He practically figured out immortality and can choose who lives or dies, assuming he doesn’t end up dead himself. 

Dark Khan

 It’s the big lummox that pulled Mortal Kombat versus DC universe down even further. Why exactly is this ugly mug popping up on this list? In a way, this plan mash of Darkseid and Shao Kahn can utilize mind control by infecting people with rage forcing. The Mortal Kombat and DC cast to fight each other he was able to grow his power almost completely merged both universes. The fact that he has enough spiritual influence to potentially cause a cataclysmic event on such a scale is absurd but also kind of terrifying.


Despite his generic design, blazes able to do far more damage. Then one might initially assume as soon as he became corrupted by the dragon egg. The blaze was no longer just a dude with arbitrary fire powers. No, once he achieved his new form, he was able to single-handedly ignite the start of Armageddon itself, bringing an end to not just humanity but the entire world. Armageddon occurred almost entirely because of this guy’s existence, not some crazy Cthulhu level stuff right there. 


kronika, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

Of course, Kronika was going to pop up sooner or later Cetrion popped upon here. Why wouldn’t her mother, after all, Kronika placed an incredibly important part of the Mortal Kombat storyline in both iterations of it. You’re looking at the Guardian of Time and space herself. She got pretty much bend reality and history in whatever way she sees fit, and shell even uses those powers in combat.

Lui Kang

lui kang, mortal kombat, MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT, games, MK game series

Munk Normally, Lui Kang wouldn’t make this list for a long time. This guy was just a simple Shaolin monk trying to be the greatest warrior he could. That all changes towards the end of MK 11 when Raiden merges with Lui Kang turning the monk into fire God Lui Kang. Then the end of aftermath expansion, he takes on Shan Tsung, who bears Kronokas Crown of temporal magic, takes over her role as keeper of time, and becomes the most powerful being in the universe.


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