Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Review - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I: Initiation - The Peoples  Movies

Characters are integral to an engaging story in her next entry is no exception this is a pure example of an ensemble cast featuring the voice sounds of Johnny young Bosch Crispin Freeman and Steve Blum just to name a few.
From reactions to deliveries to spot-on dialogue performances not a single cast member brings down the general performance while it can be argued that a few scenes are underplayed and last during translation Code Geass is a must for English dub fans.

Wolf’s Rain

zooi on Twitter: "I dont really count ones ive seen on tv as a kid like  yugioh or pokemon. So first anime i discovered by myself and watched was  probably Wolfs Rain

The end is nigh and paradise awaits but only a few surviving won’t know about it, this series follows a group of Wolves with the power to appear human as they try to survive long enough to find the promised land. Voiced by legendary anime voice actor Johnny young Bosch North American audiences were enthralled by the lead character Kiba as well as the rest of the voice cast, while there are a few changes to the dialogue many feel that the English translation of wolfs rain comes out better than the original.

Space Dandy

Space Dandy may be a fairly new series but if you haven’t seen it yet you gotta check it out, this absurd sci-fi comedy is all about, breasts, but with a great voice work of Funimation fan favorites like Ian Sinclair and Alison Victor and the dialogue is bang on and perfectly matches the series tone, with the constant 4th wall breaking and hilarious narrator voiced by Robert Bruce Elliot this translation was far from lazy and watching it subtitled might be missing out.

Black Butler

Welcome to the phantomhive Manor just don’t mind the staff, chronicling the relationship between the heir to the Phantom company CL phantomhive and demon in disguise Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler stays faithful to the manga for only half a season. With an entirely new story to work with actor Brina Palencia adds a layer of innocence to Ciel while J Michael Tatum almost creates an entirely new character that feels completely different from the original Japanese translation. This series is one for the fans of both English dubs and subtitles.

Baka and Test

Another series brought to the West courtesy of Funimation entertainment the Baka and test franchise has shall we say a lot of arguing and bickering. Usually, something this Yelley would be hard for English voice actors to keep up with but veteran performers like Josh Growl and Leia Clark keep the conflicts as believable as they are funny.

Helsing ultimate

Make way for quite possibly Crispin Freeman’s best performance to date. Alucard was already a fan favorite from the original series so how can you become even better, a tale following closer to the original manga definitely helps but Cri6 adds a demented aspect to an already nonchalant certified badass. Add in the rest of the excellently performed cast including the talents of Katie grey and Victoria Harwood then you have the Gore filled world the Japanese know would love for English audiences, considering that most of the characters all have British accents anyway you’re not missing anything by watching the English version of this series.


Never has the prohibition era sounded so vivid in this cousin series to Durarara follow a large cast of characters caught in a collection of supernatural Esque events over a number of years. Considered as a launchpad for many newcomers to the voice acting world a large cast is full of many hot new names. Such a large variety of characters brings a large range of voices but they’re all supported by excellent performances from veterans like Michael J Tatum and Caitlin glass play the beloved couple Isac and Miriam.

School Rumble

Based on the popular manga of the same name school rumble is as loyal to its source material as an anime can be it’s only fitting that the English dubbing continues this trend and it does not disappoint, the dialogue rewrites keep the spirit of the manga intact and if you are able to look beyond the superficial and see what makes this series so great you can appreciate the English dubs too.

Black Lagoon

10 Things You Don't Know About Black Lagoon

In order to be a great English dub, you can’t be afraid to go beyond just the literal and black lagoons dub is on point. Following the lagoon company, a group of badass mercenaries and their dangerous assignments what made black lagoon so popular is the almost nonstop vulgarity present in the manga, of course, the anime adaptation would be the same if they toned the language down featuring a stand out performance by Marika Hendricks as gun-wielding sociopath revi prepare yourselves for a betty of glorious expletives.

Cowboy Bebop

Taking the top spot is this classic space bounty hunting series following seasoned bounty Hunter Spike Spiegel and his crew on their spaceship the bebop. Widely considered by fans and critics alike as an English dub masterpiece director Melissa Williamson brings another level of depth to this series with a perfect voice cast and justice the right amount of tweaking to the original Japanese script, when you have the likes of David Lucas more widely known as Steve Blum voicing legendary Spike Spiegel there is no way you can go wrong, enjoy the Crown bebop.

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