Most Awaited windows 11 Top New Features

A lot of features from your mobile and now on your desktop and windows 11 are prime examples. Windows 11 is all about productivity and will change the way you work on your desktop PC. It is going to be available this fall which means you can download it around October November December.


let’s start off with design a new start menu it’s right in the middle you don’t have to keep it there, you can shift it towards left or right to the way you wanted but it’s more flashy right in the middle, kind of Mac OS type with sharp edges and squares have given way to softer edges and rounded corners it looks more modern so to say. It has become more user-friendly, it has become more like mobile os rather than what we used to call window.

Snap layout It has a new feature called snap layout which is exactly like your smartphone, you have multiple windows basically for multitasking. You can have different views from 2 views layout to 8 views layout. where you can actually run different software so multitasking becomes much easier so on a single screen you can have four different windows having four different software’s doing different things so yeah multitasking becomes very easy and user-friendly.


Widgets are generally associated with Android and IOS which are mobile Os but now you have it in windows as well and exactly you can have a weather widget you can have calculator widgets and there are so many widgets that are available so that you can readily access them when you want it. And you don’t have to go to navigation you can directly operate them from the widgets.

Multi Desktop

Now you have a different desktop so you can have one desktop with all your gaming software the other one you can have with all your productivity software than the other one you can have with your multimedia media software so you can have basically different desktop now in windows 11.

Android apps in windows 11

Now you can operate the Android apps on windows 11 yeah it’s not really straightforward, in Windows Store you get Amazon App Store and from those Amazon App Store you will have to install Android apps which you can use on windows 11. not bad for a start.

HDR support

Good news for gamers, on windows you get auto HDR support for players who want to play in HDR you can do that, and for developers as well, if they want to develop the game in HDR they can do that.

Microsoft Teams


With the Changing working environment, it’s now a hybrid work environment where you work from home, remote offices. So the teams are distributed for that Microsoft Teams got deeper integration. It becomes much easier when you want to video conferencing and collaborate with your teams in one place but located elsewhere.


With Windows 10 or earlier there used to be two major updates and then regular security patches used to come now with windows 11 and going forward there will be only one major upgrade through the year. You’ll keep getting closer security patches but only one major upgrade.

Better Touch Support.

Yes, Windows 11 has become more touch-friendly. As evolving laptops and tablets In Windows 10 and earlier versions, they were not very touch-friendly but with hardware change, you get tablets, tablets with keyboard, touch tablet modes with all these kind of devices windows 11 has now become easier to use. No many cursors anymore with your finger you’ll easily operate it.

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