Big fancy luxury sedans so this is the Mercedes EQS and yes this is the exclusive first look. It hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but you can get a pretty good idea of what the car looks like. it’s a big-shaped sedan with maximum efficiency, with this shape this car will have the lowest drag.

The lighting

As you’ve probably seen from the renders there is LED lighting all around everywhere in this cabin, and honestly of all the stuff in this car this was probably actually the cheapest and easiest to add to the Mercedes, but the level of customization is just ridiculous, there is ambient lighting all around the car up at the front along with and every door in the back, even under the seats everywhere is glowing lighting which looks more glorious at night. These lights have options to change dynamically according to your mood or what’s happening in the car.

So I can have it set so that if I’m accelerating hard the lights turn red as I accelerate, or if I start to turn the climate control up little go orange or down it’ll turn blue, or even if somebody asks a question to the built-in virtual assistant which I get to in a second that person seat lights will glow is pretty cool.

The tech

Every single piece of tech you’d expect to find in a high-end car you will find in this car. First of all, it has a quality heads-up display which can show your speed and the speed limit and navigation and are good it’s a high refresh rate the arrows on the road in front of you get bigger as when you get close to your turn.
It’s got cameras all around the car including a backup camera that pops out of what I think is going to be a logo on the trunk, it will stitch them all together for a very useful 360 view whether you reversing or parking. Then it’s got 8 USB C ports 6 for front passengers and in back 2 mini HDMI ports, and then there are two wireless Chargers one between the front seats as you’d expect, and then one inside the armrest between the back seats, in case you have a phone with no ports or something in those eight USB C ports aren’t useful for you.
There’s a fingerprint reader which lets you sign in in case it doesn’t recognize you when you sit in the car you can sign in with your fingerprint and will log you in to your profile and it will log your passenger into their profile.

Interior luxury

Every seat in this cabin calling a cab it is soft heated ventilated and fully adjustable and wow the ventilation, by the way, is really strong and experts say the fans in the seat this is the best I’ve ever tried any car the seat adjustments by They are one of the coolest features of the car with the metal sensors. Not just that the two front seats also have built-in massagers so that means the seats will massage you as you drive, your car will massage you as you drive, it’s amazing.

Manufactured with a lot of high-quality materials, no visible gaps anywhere in this car, tight tolerances there is also a lot of glossy like fingerprinting plastic too even on the steering wheel. And there is a screen for every person sitting in this car, the driver, of course, has multiple screens passenger has a screen, then the back seat passengers have media screens as well, on the backs of the chairs, the headrest is holding a literal Samsung tablet that can pop out that wirelessly connects to the same functions as all the other screens in the car.

Seat specific commands

So this is Mercedes EQS it is a futuristic car that knows all the time who is sitting on which seat, so that passengers can log in into their profile and get their specific lighting and seat position and heating and cooling whatever they want.
every seat has its audio meaning each screen including this passenger screen in the front seat has its Bluetooth connexion so if you have Bluetooth headphones or even in the back on every screen there’s a headphone jack so everyone can listen to their genre.
Because there are sensors and microphones strategically placed throughout the cabin to listen to what each passenger says and keep an eye on who says what, you can do voice commands and that voice command will only respond to that passenger.

The most important feature of the Mercedes EQS.
The Hyper screen

It is not a 55-inch screen it’s three separate touch screens that add up to 55 inches under one huge pane of glass. This hyper screen is visually impressive no doubt about that but it’s nowhere near as good as it could be.

It’s like a bigger version of Mercedes MB UX which is run on some of their previous cars which all have smaller screens so this huge screen is cool And futuristic-looking. The middle is sort of low resolution because I can see some pixels on text but I’ll give that a pass, a huge hexagon screen in the middle of a front seat of a car is a little bit slow it is a little bit unresponsive and it is a lot ugly, mean this UI looks dated it looks kind of like Windows Media Player.

But it’s very functional it does everything you could ask of it and having a huge screen like this in the middle of your car especially for Maps for navigation you plug in a destination it will route you there it’ll stop at charging points where it knows it has to charge up it does the works but I’m just It’ll stop at charging points where it does it has to charge up it does the work.

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