How To Start a Successful Online Store In 2020 : A Step-By-Step Guide

Finding out how to start an online store. I mean, there are a lot of questions; Where do you sell how to convince people to buy? The Internet is a growing market for anyone who wants to start an online business.

The fact that it is a low-risk investment and you do not have to spend money at a brick-and-mortar store or start an office online business makes it very easy.

If you are among those who have always wanted to start an online business, but do not know which business to start, then you are in luck. We’ve got 50 online business ideas to get you started.

Start a successful online store – Your initial guide in 12 steps

Choose the right e-commerce platform

Choose the right e-commerce platform

If you want to start an online store, the first thing on your list is to choose the e-commerce platform.

An e-commerce platform is simply a special type of website that allows people to buy your products or services from your small business. With this tool people can complete their purchases without leaving your site. An eCommerce platform also tells you that a new order has arrived.

In short, it is your all-in-one online sales solution.

If you want to learn how to sell online, you really cannot do it without a quality ecommerce solution dependent on you. These are the kind of tools that will help bring your business ideas to life, and ensure that you can make money online.

Knowing how to properly select the right e-commerce platform can mean the difference between success and failure for your entire store.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

Running a successful online business means that you know your store to reach your customers. A successful mobile strategy is not just ignoring mobile user.

In fact, you need to start with mobile in the first place!

It may be surprising, but mobile is really the end of all and everyone is learning to start an online store.

The fact of the matter is that more people use the web than desktop computers and laptops combined using mobile devices.

But this is not all for the mobile story.

These days, Google takes mobile more seriously than desktop. In one of the recent updates to their algorithm, Google decided to make its “mobile index” the main index for the entire search engine.

Make a amazing first impression

There is a reason why running an online business is so difficult.

There is more than just being a freelancer and selling your services online. You need to find out how to make money online by connecting with your audience.

To learn how to sell online, first of all, you need to keep your users on your site. About 50 milliseconds of users to decide whether they like your site or not.

You want – and need – to be as creative as possible. This can be something as simple as a header or your store name. These tips will help you choose the right name and domain for your store.

What is important is to invest in the best design possible, so choose the right design templates and provide a unique experience for your users. Alternatively, reach out to a web design specialist if necessary.

Improve the navigation of your website

Along with making your small business website look good, you need to make sure that it works well. If you want to start online store, first of all you have to correct the navigation of your website.

No matter what type of business model you are interested in, from dropshipping to affiliate marketing, online courses, webinars, podcast publications or product sales – UX is a staple.

The term UX refers to “user experience” and determines how your customers feel while browsing through your website. One of the easiest ways to improve your UX is by boosting your navigation strategy.

You want to offer stress-free navigation, allowing visitors to easily find what they’re looking for because if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

The following strategies are easy to implement and have proven to be very effective:

  • Add a “What’s New” category

Whatever type of business you are doing, you will be updating regularly, from a touching store to a standard eCommerce environment.

Your returning customers will want to see your latest collection. They do not want to browse the old stuff while searching for new products.

Include a ‘New Products’ tab in your main navigation to make it more visible and also to entice new visitors to stay on your site.

  • Use the drop-down menu

Maybe you are going to use your online business to showcase many business ideas at once.

For example, you might have blogs where you can make money through affiliate marketing, webinars where you can create passive income and membership sites where you can create an email list on the same website.

If so, then you need an easy way for your customers to keep track of everything you have to offer.

The navigation process is very smooth and requires fewer clicks, which makes your visitors happier and reduces stress.

However, you have to be absolutely sure that your website will not face issues with dangerous hover tunnels – when you must follow a certain path, so the menu will not be closed.

Start Blogging

Once you know what USP is for your online business ideas, you can start paying more attention to your company online.

There are so many ways to get your target market’s attention online, from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising, and even to design your own YouTube channel.

However, the easiest way to get started is blogging.

As a blogger, you can increase your visitors even more by 50%, plus there are also more leads per month. These are huge numbers that can bring a lot of extra revenue!

What’s more, if your blog is good enough, you can improve your chances of nurturing your audience by building an email list and using email marketing.

Here are ways to get this type of benefit; first of all:

Publish content online often!

Make Money Online Without Selling Anything?

Develop a successful SEO strategy

Designing an attractive website for your affiliate marketing campaign, online webinar, or any other business model is just the first step you need to take as a business owner.

You will also need to think about how you can bring your target market to your site using search engine optimization.

If you want to learn SEO, you will quickly find out that the subject can be really intimidating.

There are hundreds of different SEO factors – simply speaking: the things that affect the SEO of your site – and all of them are impossible to master.

To begin with, you should know that there are more than 2.2 trillion Google per year and that 90% of users only click on the first three results.

First order of business:

  • Optimize your product page.

Using search engine optimization on your product page means using keywords, but not to the extent where you over-stuff your content.

Relevant product keywords in your header and image alt tags should be enough to help your ranking and thus help you sell online.

  • User friendly URL

The visitor does not want to see a trillion characters, so, again, you should use the keyword you are trying to rank for something else. Keep it clean and user friendly!

  • Make a maximum use of user generated content.

It is not costing you anything and it also provides fresh and unique content for search engines. Add social media plugins and allow users to quickly review the products they have purchased.

  • Avoid duplicate content.

Archives, tags, incorrect pagination and even basic product filtering generate duplicate content and drag your site down.

You can avoid issues like these by looking at the settings of your ecommerce platform. If you are on WooCommerce, you can adjust most duplicate content issues through it by applying Yoast SEO.

Are you on Shopify, you should take care of this issue through the platform itself.

you are on another solution, you may need to use your robot text file and make the necessary adjustments manually.

In addition, writing your own unique product descriptions is the smart way to use one rather than using the one provided by the manufacturer. Google will differentiate you from your competitors, who use the same product text.

  • Keep pages out of stock items.

Do not remove those pages, especially if you rank high with them; Instead, show related products or your latest collection.

  • Links to other sites.

Despite the random rumors, you may have heard, linking will not ruin your ranking. Instead, it will show visitors that you want to provide supporting content and have no objection to linking you to external sources. This will portray you as genuine and reliable.

  • Use analytics.

It is like a mindless person. You can quit using Analytics only to have a deeper knowledge of everything happening in your online store.

Don’t know where to start? Check out Roundup of 10 Google Analytics resources for e-commerce. This will help you keep track of everything happening in your store.

Use live chat to help potential customers

Although the ecommerce space may be stronger than ever, nothing beats the human interaction you have in store. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the data. for example.

Live Chat Stats:

31% –  of online shoppers are tempted to buy from a site that offers live chat

46% –  think live chat is the right communication medium

62% – of buyers who have used live chat can buy again from the same website

If you do not have a lot of time to manage your live chat system, you can always hire freelancers from the appler to help you, or to invest in a virtual assistant.

The more people you can bring in to help you run your new business, the more time you have to focus on developing your site.

Improve your shopping cart experience

Your control over the shopping cart experience will depend on the business model you use. If you are an affiliate marketer, there is not much about checkout. However, if you have your own online store, you can easily use a step guide to upgrade your shopping cart. Some web hosting companies also provide tools to help you.

Have a Unique Idea

Possibly one of the most important things any business owner will need to make money online is a good idea.

Online business ideas can be easy to come by, but there is a difference between coming up with a core concept and actually finding something that generates passive income for your team.

If you want to make sure that the startup cost it takes to launch your company is worth it, then you need to make sure that you are starting the right type of business.

When entering the ecommerce space, you are joining a highly competitive market, where it is easy to sink among thousands of other stores that all look the same.

This is why it is important to build a distinct presence and offer something that either you do not have in your competition or you do not offer in the same way.

Be a social media manager

Social media is an important tool for any business. If you are a social media savant, offer your services to brands or businesses that need help managing their social media accounts on a daily basis.

The rates for freelance marketers / managers are usually consistent with the cost of building a website and depending on how big or small the site is, the amount you earn may vary.

Become a web Designer

For those who have some tech-savvy and artistic bugs, web design can be a fascinating field.

While it is true that many people are using templates nowadays, there are many more that need customization, even on the templates they choose.

Adaptation is not just limited to web templates, but you can also apply your skills to other areas such as newsletters.

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can also create your own templates for sale or apply your skills to other graphics areas as well.

Open an online store

Some of the ideas listed by us can be started immediately without requiring anything more than an email address. An start online store, on the other hand, will require a few things.

That is, you will need a website, a domain and a good web hosting provider. Some platforms, such as Shopify or Weebly, will offer all services as part of a package, although you are limited to what they offer.

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