How to sell product online easily in India

How to sell product online easily in India
How to sell product online easily in India


Selling is just like an art form that requires many tools and talents to get the job done. We have need to identify people first, who are interested in your product also known as “Leads”, Its represent only first step. Need to convince them actually buy your product and close the leads.

First we’ll talk about different ways to make your products accessible to buyers, and then we’ll discuss six key elements  of marketing products to increase leads and sales.

1. Create own Website

Create own Website

You have to need a web presence to stay competitive. First professionally designed website makes it possible to sell your product through some additional method or tools, but its allow you to manage your own online storefront known as E-commerce website, your own brands & stores gives you full control over the design, layout and navigation.  You can go with an online e-commerce website builder like Shopify or have a web developer set up your store for you. Make sure both E-commerce  store & website accessible on mobile devices. This is known as responsive web design, and it’s crucial for selling products online.

2. Sell product on other E-commerce  platforms

If you are not ready to invest in a branded website yet ? So that you can use other e- commerce platforms to sell your products. Where is online marketplace  eBay represents the pinnacle of third party e-commerce sites since almost anything can be sold there. The third party e-commerce platform is a great method for selling products if you don’t have a significant start up budget.

Sell product on other E-commerce  platforms

The Third party e-commerce platform is a unique method for selling products if you don’t have a significant start-up budget. These all sites are free to join, and they earn their money by keeping a certain percentage of each transaction. You can get benefit from the traffic that these large platforms already enjoy and can take advantage of any payment protection policies and technical troubleshooting that may be offered.

3. Create your own storefront

Create your own storefront

A physical store is a dream for many sellers, and you have the need to find it out a great location, a physical storefront can serve as a selling method in and of itself. It Can be possible to attract tourists and locals alike to shop in.

Advertising on Radio and TV or Newspaper.

Advertising on Radio and TV or Newspaper

The marketing method will focus on internet strategies simply because of relevancy but TV and radio advertisements may still have place in your marketing strategy. First whether your target identify audience watches TV or listen to the radio often enough to make this method viable. You have the need to find out where the audience stream their entertainment and get their news online, and others keep the TV during the evening or listen to the radio while at work or at home. Where is Newspaper is a common essential marketing strategy, but you can share your advertisement in this for good branding or publicity.

Using pay per click ads on internet

Using pay per click ads on internet

This is a very much cost-effective method, when someone clicks on the advertisement, through the link customer get the information what they want. You have the Need to set up your website or landing page in such a way that it continues to convince leads and buy your product. Moreover, example is Facebook platform and Google Ads also beneficial for your advertisement campaign.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Billions of Websites exist in the world, So how will people find yours product when they type or search into google? The SEO setting up your website in a way that encourage googles algorithm to identify relevant for certain keywords and topics. Your website can rank higher on the search result page on the internet, and you can hit the target audience for your product.

Email marketing method for selling

Email marketing method for selling

The collection of email address from visitors beneficial for you to publicity through the Email. Collecting emails allows you to create an email marketing campaign to say top of mind with potential customers and encourage existing customers to buy from you again, You can provide discounts and promotions and seek feedback about your products.

Now What Type of Products Can I Sell Online?

Now What Type of Products Can I Sell Online?

It depends on which industry you are in, there are two types of products you can sell:

. Commoditized products

Commoditized products

. Niche products.

The Commoditized products are very  essential, high demand or popular goods and services that can be physical or digital products. These  products that everybody needs mostly. Commoditized products are the majority of online sales. Think of anything you buy at Walmart or Amazon that has a big brand behind it — clothes, food, mobile, laptop, kids toys, etc.

Niche products

Where is niche products are very essential, goods or services that serve a specific customer base and product category. In Many instances, this product often made in small batch runs or on demand. These are unique handmade products, making them some of the most popular items bought online. Examples unique beaded necklace, handmade, frozen yogurt or leather iPad case.

Top 10 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product

Here are top creative ways to market a new or existing product on your online store:-

Gift Guides

Gift guides is a creative way to promote our business also. Provide holiday gift or unique birthday presents by your product in add on option. Remember, you have a need to provide a reason why you should be included. You can mention your product on the list has to add value to the author or editor of the post, so be sure to highlight what makes your product  unique addition to their current list..



Where Pinterest is the place to be if you want to buy or sell products online. All over the world 92% of active users of Pinterest say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Many people use Pinterest to create or build wish lists. This makes it a great place to promote products—especially well-designed product that photograph well. Kindly make sure you enable Rich pins to have additional product information included.

Facebook Custom Audiences And Shop Section

Facebook Custom Audiences And Shop Section

Millions of people are on Facebook, and an advertising platform. It provides offers very targeted options for running paid ads. Facebook Custom Audiences is a useful way to advertise a product. By Facebook Custom Audiences, you have the need to advertise to your website visitors or email subscribers. These ads will be very effective because you know more about whom you’re targeting and can tailor your ad accordingly. Facebook shop section also an essential tool on Facebook. You can directly sell your product through these tools

Others are blog post, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp & SMS.

Nowadays, blogging is a great way to promote your store with the right approach. Blogging should be an effective way to drive traffic and promote the lifestyle around your products. In fact, one the most popular study by HubSpot found that the more you blog, the more traffic your website gets.

Instagram has over 500 million active users now. The visual focus of Instagram is perfect for promoting products. Half of those users are actively using Instagram every day.

YouTube has become one of the largest search engines for finding fresh content. What’s more, The YouTube videos can also rank high in traditional search engines like Google. This provides huge traffic opportunity.

WhatsApp & SMS

WhatsApp & SMS

Nowadays, WhatsApp & SMS marketing taking place for advertisement for product. You can share your product through WhatsApp and SMS. It’s an also creative effective way.


This article only for educational purposes, we are just sharing our ideas, we have not intended to promote any brands. There are so many effective ways to use them and promote your business in the economic world we are the third largest place in the online market.

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