How To Increase Traffic on The Blog In 2021

Are you also thinking about How to increase traffic on the blog? Do you want traffic to your blog? Not getting traffic to your blog? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then you have come to the right place,

Where you will be given the answers to all your questions, I am going to tell you such effective ways, using which you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog, if you have not yet created a blog, then how do you make our post a blog Must read.

Today we will tell you about the Technique that brings traffic to the blog, which is used by Pro Blogger, due to which they get thousands of views everyday and they earn millions of rupees,

So let’s start

1. Do Keyword Research and choose a good topic

2. Quality Content and SEO friendly

3. Write Long Article

4. Increase traffic on your Blog using Email

5. Increase traffic on your Blog using Social Media

6. Create Backlink

7. Join Question & Answer sites

8. Use Internal Links

Whenever a person starts a new blog, a question comes to his mind, “How does he bring traffic to his blog,” then he starts searching and he knows a lot of ways, but he Don’t work for long because he doesn’t know which method is right,

Today, the methods that we are going to tell you, using which some people are earning lakhs of rupees today, are at the top in the field of blogging, so you have to read all the methods carefully.

1. Do Keyword Research and choose a good topic

If you want to increase traffic to your website Before you start writing your post, you should research keywords and choose a good topic in which people are interested, only the keyword you choose will bring traffic to your blog,

While writing your post, you have to use those keywords correctly, when people search those phrases on the search engine then traffic will start coming to your blog. Keep in mind while doing keyword research,

Select related Phrases from your niche, this brings targeted traffic,

Always select the Phrases that have higher search volume and less competition.

  • Use Long tail keyword
  • Do not do keyword stuffing in posts
  • You can use Semrush and Ubersuggest Tool to do Keyword Research.

2. Quality Content 

Writing a blog post is quite fun, if you pay attention to the quality of the post, then you can increase traffic on your blog, you must have heard that “Content is King” is also right.

Use “On-page Seo” while writing your post, in this way you can get lots of views from search engines every month. 

  • You can write Seo Friendly posts using On-Page Seo
  • Search engines give good ranking to Seo friendly posts,
  • You can use Yoast Seo wordpress plugin to write your post

3. Write Long Article

In a research, it has been seen that articles which have longer lengths have a good rank in search engines like Google, due to which you get very good traffic from search engines, article brings a lot of increased traffic to the blog.

In the long article, we can use our keyword more often, due to which our article becomes worthy of being ranked well in the search engine,

  • You can give more information to your user
  • Users will visit your article frequently
  • User trust on your blog will be built,
  • One thing to keep in mind is not to do keyword stuffing in your article and try to give good information to your user, because Google also repeatedly advises its readers to keep their content clean and tidy.

4. Increase traffic using Email

You can bring a lot of increase traffic to your blog using email, this method is only used by Pro Blogger, you can also use this method to bring traffic to your blog,

You can use Jetpack Plugin, when you publish any new post, this plugin automatically sends that post to your user via email, other than the user who has followed or subscribed to your blog, you Can also collect email id

  • It helps to increase CTR

5. Using Social Media

A lot of people remain active on social media, you have to create an account on all social media sites and request your user to follow your social media account, to get traffic on your blog, you need to make your social media account daily. Have to update, update your blog posts on all your account,

In this way your blog will start to become famous and users will visit your blog daily.

  • Create your website name on Facebook Group
  • Tell your user about your upcoming post on Twitter
  • Update your post on Pinterest and Create Pin
  • Try to increase your followers on Instagram
  • Link all your social media account with your blog

6. Create Backlink

You must have heard many times that creating backlink increases the domain authority but along with it brings traffic to the backlink blog, the traffic coming from them is quite targeted.

If you talk about domain authority, then the more domain authority of your blog, the more rank your post will get in the Search Engine Result Page, which causes organic traffic to land on our posts.

  • You can write guest posts to build backlink
  • Comment on your website related to Niche
  • Writing quality content on the blog also gives backlink, if someone uses our post in an external link.

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7. Join Question & Answer sites

This method is used very much in today’s time, you can join the Q & A sites related to your Niche, many people ask questions on these sites which you can answer and along with the link of your website You can also add traffic to your website,

The domain authority of a Q&A website is very high, the more followers you create on these websites, the more traffic you will get,

  • The backlink from these sites is of high quality
  • Affects your domain authority very well
  • Your website has a good promotion
  • The topic for writing an article is also found from these sites, about which people search,
  • The traffic coming from here is related to your niche.
  • Understand the behavior of your user
  • You can join Quora site, I also use it

8. Use Internal Links

By using internal links, you can get good views, in your new post you can add links to your old Valuable post, which will have a good effect on your website to the user and that user will visit your website again and again,

Google also likes internal links, Googlebot makes it easy to understand your website, due to which Google gives you good rank for the post and gets organic traffic.


I hope you have learned a lot from my post and you have learned very well about how to increase traffic on your blog, friends, you must use all these methods, you will get it in no time. The effect will start to show the methods. That I have told you, maximum  bloggers use this mathod.

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