GADGETS | 8 Gadgets That Make Your Room Even Cooler

No one likes to stay in a room for a long time, especially when you are quarantine, but no wonder staying in your room can be fun too with these insane gadgets. Here are some of the devices that make your room so cool that you don’t feel like getting out. 



lumio, lamps, night lamps

 This gadgets looks like a book, but it’s a cool lamp lumio that provides the perfect adjustable ambient lighting while looking sleek and modern. You open the book to have it light up the room. The illumination would be flexible depending on how far you open if you wanted concentrated light because you’re reading for working on something. You can open the lamp at a 45-degree angle. It will concentrate the sunlight onto youth if you feel like getting into a cozy.  

Respira Innovative Air Purifying Garden 

Respira Innovative Air Purifying Garden, air purifier

 IF you’d love to incorporate a bit of nature into your room at home, this might be the best way to do it. The respira bright air-purifying garden is what you need for your creative home atmosphere. This gadgets uses biofiltration to purify the air at your home. It takes a few steps beyond standard air purification two by throwing in additional humidity, evaporative cooling, and a direct connexion to nature to help create a healthy environment for you and your family.

Portable Mmagnet Bluetooth Speakers

magnet speakers, gadgets for room

These ultra-cool portable speakers are just what your room needs when you need to play some music to set the ambiance. The latest wireless technology powers these speakers. These gadgets are easy to adjust for an optimal audio experience ultimate convenience. The speakers can play music for up to 18 hours non-stop and fully charged. Its operating range goes up to 50 feet from your Bluetooth device. You can separate them and place them at different parts in your room or attach the magnets on each speaker to help them hold onto any magnetic surface. So you can attach them to the bed frame or window sill.

SPX Throne Censorial Gaming Chair

SPX Throne Censorial Gaming Chair, gaming chair, gadgets for room

  Throughout that old boring gaming chair and bring your gaming experience to life with the SPX threw gaming chair. At his eight actuators are distribute across the seat and backrest that send vibrations through your body. According to your game scenario, if you’re on the battlefield, you’ll feel the volley of bullets coming at you in the fire of your gun. Or if you’re in a car, you’ll feel the road beneath you and it battle Royale game. You’ll feel your opponent walk over you too. If that’s not immersive, we don’t know what is.

Track Socket 

track socket

You are having a lot of devices to use means needing a lot of sockets. This track socket solves that problem for you. So you don’t have to plug your devices outside your room. It boasts seven different adapters for all your charging needs. You can configure it according to the arrangement you want, and don’t worry bout electric shocks. It comes with a grounding system that makes sure that any conducted device is attached to it. It is grounded, so you don’t need to worry about this being a safety hazard. 

LED Charging Cable

LED Charging Cable, gadgets for room, gadgets

 To even charging your phone could get exciting. The LED charging cable is what makes that happen. It’s an excellent charging cable with LED lights installed that make it look like electricity is flowing inside and not just that it charges your phone twice as fast as your regular cable. 

Nebula Mars 2 Pro

Nebula Mars 2 Pro

You can turn your room into a cinema with this excellent portable projector. The nebula Mars 2 pro has a built-in battery that can last up to three hours and amazing 10 Watt speakers for a superior audio experience. The projection quality is fantastic, and even a dark wall or late from the window won’t ruin it as it would a traditional projector.

Xiaomi MI Smart Clock

Xiaomi MI Smart Clock, smart clock, gadgets for home

  NO bedroom is complete without a classic alarm clock, and this is one from the future. Say hello to the intelligent MI Xiaomi Clock it doesn’t just sound the alarm in the morning. It gradually increases brightness to wake you up gently and more naturally. So you start your day just right. It comes with a 3.97-inch full-color touch screen that you can use as a photo frame and program it to display your favorite family photos. Not just that, the HD display lets you stream videos, and he can use it as many entertainment gadgets.


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