FUTURE WORLD | What World Look Like in the Year 2050.

The future world 2050 might seem like a lifetime away, and predicting what the world could look like in 30 years from now is no easy task. A lot going to changes single decade, let alone free; however, we have a few clues that could be painting us a pretty accurate picture of what the world will look like in the future world 2050. 


What Will Transportation Look Like in the Future World?

 It’s no secret that we’re already moving towards all new cars being electric. That isn’t a trend that requires a futurist to predict but did you know genuinely 2050. More than 50% of the vehicles on the road are expects to be EVs. And that’s not all? Not only will car travel be greener, but it will be wiser to self-driving cars are making leaps and bounds in terms of development, and by 2050 can expect self-driving vehicles to be a part of everyday life in the future world. 

Most trucking will be undertake by autonomous holders working day and night. And only stopping to load up their batteries on high-speed charges buses taxis will also be replaced by independent. Vehicles all using advanced AI to navigate their way through the busy city streets. Even our cars could be gear towards being drive around instead of going about as they are currently, expecting to see vehicles with stowaway steering wheels and more leisurely social seating arrangements. All areas of travel could be fastly different by the year 2050.

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Uber should be in full swing, allowing people to travel via evito in and around cities. Elon musk’s Hyperloop could potentially replace passengers travelling at speeds of over 700 mph through giant low-pressure tubes between cities, States and even countries in record time. Travel will essentially faster, more efficient and better for the environment if all goes to plan.

Possibility of Space Tourism 

 Suppose billionaires such as Elon Musk Jeff Bezos have their way of travel into space. It might Be a possibility to space tourism seems like a fun idea to most of us. However, several companies are working towards making sticks space a legitimate travel business by 2050. Space tourism will likely be reserve for the ultra-rich for the foreseeable future but by 2050. Tripped orbit to the International Space Station or even to the loop might be as easy as purchasing a long haul flight to Australia. SpaceX blue origin Virgin Galactic and a few others push the envelope to make space tourism of reality. SpaceX is even due to take Japanese billionaire Yuusaku Mei Izava around the moon as early as 2023. However, this is incredibly optimistic.

Ai Robots Taking 40% Over the Job Market in Future World

 Technology is certainly keeping up with the forward-thinking ambitious mind of today. But whether or not this is entirely a good thing is yet to be discover. There’s no question that technology is changing the way we work significantly. So what can we expect the job market to look like by 2050?

Some have predicts that up to 40% of current jobs could be lose to automation. So it’s not just uber drivers stuck on this single ship factory operatives, and all repetitive jobs that a robot could do most likely will be for the year 2050. AI can replace even white-collar task in the field of accounting, marketing law, etcetera. Resulting in a massive shift in the kinds of jobs that people do, and the transitional stage will be by far the most challenging.

In the years leading up to a vastly automated workforce. It will be the survival of the most adaptable there will be very few jobs for life, at most workers will be forced to learn new skills and delve into new trade regularly. As more and more roles are replace by an intelligent robot, the plus side. However, a massive influx of social jobs and workers requires imagination, empathy, and real one-to-one interaction. Healthcare, teaching and creatives will all be thriving sectors and engineers mechanics and repairmen.

Other positives to this automation protest could, in theory, include cheaper goods and services. Automated production lines are cheaper to run at a far more efficient, so despite CEOs being eager to hold onto additional profits. The market may force a drop in the price of anything, including cars, electronics and even food.

Drone Delivery Services

drone delivery, future delivery system, future world 2050

 Shopping for any said items will be far easier to online shopping is already seeing an end to High. Massive development in online Commerce could come to all thanks to improvements in drone technology. Amazon is pushing a new initiative known as prime air, which is a prospective delivery service that will deliver packages of £5 or less via drone to your doorstep in less than 30 minutes. Primary is already being tested and is deep into development. So by 2050, autonomous drone delivery is more than likely to be a standard service in the future world.



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