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Back in the 1900s, people had some wild ideas about what 2020 would look like. They couldn’t have predicted a pandemic, but some other most futuristic predictions. Like the hoverboard robot pets and future rising phones with adjustable screen sizes are actually about to be true. Let’s take a look at future technology ideas that are already here.


Smart Home Robots 

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Smart Home Robots

Robots aren’t anything new in today’s world. We have Alexa and Siri forever present helpers and even an AI robot named Sophia. Who is officially a citizen of multiple countries worldwide. You’d be surprise to know, though, that a physical robot helps us on its way. Samsung recently announced its latest robot technology called Samsung bot handy. And it’s a cute and creepy little robot with arms. It has AI software that allows it to judge. Estimate how much force it needs to use to pick up laundry and help you in any way you want. The bot handy’s design is almost like the PS five, but with two cute digitalize that change expression, we’re unsure if anyone could turn it down.

Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus Hover board, hover board, , future technology ideas, future technology,
Hover Board

 Back to the future, two was a movie full of woke predictions, but some of the future technology ideas imagined in it. Only inspired eventers to try and create them. The Lexus hoverboard will be something like the flying hoverboard scene in the movie. Floating just off the ground and gliding effortlessly through the streets carrying their user anywhere they wish to be. People think that it would be the next big thing after wheels. We couldn’t agree more the hoverboard depends on superconductors magnets. And a mechanism fired by liquid nitrogen to stay off the ground. While the technology is in its developmental stage, it does hold some promise. Current challenges to making this dream come true are that using magnets for levitation. Means that the hoverboards can’t function on just any surface it needs to be a magnetic one.


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How many times have we all wished we could reach inside our brains. And tell them what to do well turns out that Tesla and SpaceX. CEO Elon Musk has expected it so much. He decided to make a Neuralink, a research company that’s currently looking into brain-computer interfaces. Or bcci’s for short now what’s the BCI in a YouTube event in March 2020. Elon described it as Fitbit in your school with tiny wires. The basic idea here is to work towards brain implants. This can be easily put inside your head at the doctor’s office in under an hour.

Musk says that future technology ideas like this could cure paralysis and give users superhuman vision. Okay, music right in their heads and even take away their fears as they attempt something daring. It would be best if you have a bit extra recklessness to do it but didn’t. However, say any timelines for when the technology will be ready to roll out. There isn’t any guarantee that it’ll live up to all their expectations, but researchers and Elon Musk himself are hopeful.

LG Rollable Phones

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LG Rollable Phones

  The millennials grew up in a time when flip phones with their tiny buttons were the coolest thing ever. And now they’re about to witness the launch of even more superior technology. A rollable touch phone with an adjustable display. LG launched a teaser for the rollable phones in January 2021, saying that they’ll hit the markets this year. Not much know about the phone itself. But it will have two sizes, a 6.8-inch default display and a 7.4-inch display from what LG did reveal. When it’s fully expands or rolls out, it’s estimate that the phone could cost anywhere around $2360.00. And that’s even more than the affordable Galaxy phones being launches later this year. There isn’t enough format to say what other features this phone would have, but you can expect 5G technology.

Moxie Companion Robot

Moxie Companion Robot, home robot, smart home,  future technology ideas, future technology,
Moxie Companion Robot

 Suppose you’re not above leaving your child with a strange machine all day and are paranoid about a bit of robot brainwashing your child like in a science fiction movie. In that case, grit could be the perfect companion for your kid boxes designed to promote your child’s cognitive, emotional, and educational growth. And comes with a cute little face on that shirt, so like your kids, the robot used advanced AI technology to help your child through weekly teaching feeds. It can even hear what your child is saying and suggest breathing exercises.

Read the stories and entertain them with the interactive conversation, and don’t worry. You wouldn’t be leaving your child alone with a strange robot. You can track all their progress with their parent’s actions and make sure everything’s going okay. Moxie stands at over 16 inches tall. So it wouldn’t be too intimidating for your child to be around and is developed for children over 5 to 10 years old. It’s impressive future technology ideas.

Drone Delivery Services 

drone delivery service,  future technology ideas, future technology
Drone Delivery Service

Drones aren’t just good for military missions in a post-pandemic world where minimizing human contact is the key to survival. They have more practical uses like delivering objects to your door. DHL just announced that it would use drones to provide urgently needed goods like medicines to remote German islands feeding Google or Amazon Prime. The drones will fly over 7.5-mile distances at speeds of 18 meters per second and as high as 50 meters from the air. We can’t help but agree that it could be a groundbreaking step to take in distress or emergency cases when much-needed aid needs to reach people as soon as possible. Still, conditions stop human delivery men from reaching them. The drones will supervise from a ground station, and DHL is hopeful for the technologies’ future.

Google Glass 

google glasses, smart glasses,  future technology ideas, future technology
Smart Glasses

Everyone remembers Tony Stark say eyeglasses that he left Peter. But what we didn’t know is that something similar exists back in 2014. Google Glass was launched, but it didn’t work out as the model received criticism for its recording capabilities. And concerns were raised over whether it would even be a practical tool for daily use or not however over six years later, and after significant developments in science and technology Google Glass got its revival arm it is not what enterprise tool designed to help people like construction workers business executives and doctors on the job a pair cost $999 and Google has shared some open source code that developers can work with when Hans usage an experience 

MI Air Charger 

wireless charger, MI Air charger,  future technology ideas, future technology
MI Air Charger

Wireless charging still requires your phones are being contacted with the charging station these days, but Xiaomi is about to change that game with its air charger. The year charger honestly seems like a gadget for the future. It doesn’t need to be in contact with your phone and other devices at all to charge them. You could be several meters away, and it would still be charging her phone through the air. It can charge through objects in its way and even track your devices as you move about, making sure that they’re charging right.

It can charge multiple devices at once. The charging capacity of this magic cube isn’t that much, just 5 Watts. Still, even then, it’s an impressive future technology ideas that Xiaomi air charger rumor to go on sale next year, and it’ll be able to charge your phone’s fit bits and smartwatches all without ever even touching them.


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