SELF DEFENCE | Easy to Carry Self-Defence Gadgets

Most of us, at some point, will be confronts with a situation in which we are force to self defence ourselves. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a random attack bugging. Still, if you ever find yourself in a hairy situation. It’s always good to have something you could use to either deter disable the assailant.


 Here are some self-defence gadgets that will protect you. 

 Trailblazer Pocket Firearm 

 Trailblazer Pocket Firearm, pocket firearm,  self defence gadget

A firearm is considers by many to be the most effective and intimidating self-defence weapon available. However, despite their effectiveness in deterring or stopping an attacker, then always convenient to carry it all times. Trailblazer Firearms, the Carolina based company, has a solution for lifeguard .224 piston available in both. Point to two Lr adds .22 wmr cannabis the life card is a compact single barrel single shot. Side on the fold up to a size no bigger than a deck of cards is just half an inch thick. Weighing in just 7 ounces. The lifeguard fits easily in your pocket and is comfortable to carry every day.

Yellowjacket iPhone Taser 

iPhone Taser, self defence gadget

Suppose you’re looking for a non-lethal self-defence gadget. In that case, a taser might be your best bet by delivering a surge of electricity. And electrocuting your attacker tasters are incredibly effective in immobilising a person of any size whilst avoiding any long-lasting damage. One of the greatest aces to carry around town is the yellow jacket that discreet contact laser. That also happens to double up as an iPhone case and a power bank charger. All for $159. the Yellowjacket taser can be deployed in seconds.

 Sure-fire Stiletto Tactical Flashlight

 Sure-fire Stiletto Tactical Flashlight, gadget for self defence

When thinking of a self-defence flashlight, you might be the too great big six-cell headline. The ways of tongue and can be swung around like a battle. Still, this little number is the complete opposite. The surefire letter is a lightweight, pocket-size flashlight that, despite its tiny footprint, is a mighty self-defence gadget. When used correctly well, he probably won’t be using this to batter anybody into submission. The stiletto 650 lumens is enough to temporarily blind an attacker. Invade the situation even land a few shots of your own if needed.

 Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen 

tactical pen, electric pen

A tactical pen is a simple self-defence gadget that offers a tonne of versatility. And could help you out in a sticky situation. Apart from being a competent and stylish writing instrument. The Gerber impromptu provides a range of features that make it an everyday carry no brainer. Certainly justifying the $73 price tag made in the USA. This rugged tactical pen is machine out of stainless steel before receiving a cerakote coating Adding to the fence hardness. Corrosion resistance and overall aesthetic.

 Fast Strike for Self Defence

Fast strike, cable, self defence

The first strike self-defence whip is a compact easy to use weapon that can inflict some severe pain when used correctly. Despite being incredibly small and lightweight. The first strike still manages to deliver a powerful punch with its flexible rubber-coated steel whipping cable. When the first dragon, you can defend yourself from the best distance when trying to regain control over any given situation. The handle is very similar to that of a pocketknife fitting snugly in hand and offering plenty of grips. The attached pocket clip also allows for easy and convenient carry placement enabling you to deploy the weapon in a fraction of a second.

 Personal Alarm for Self Defence

personal alarm, self defence, gadget

Sometimes the best way to avoid having to use self-defence is to draw attention to yourself. The last thing that an attacker wants to get caught around numerous screaming and shouting can help in some situations, but to grab the attention of others. Nothing beats purpose-made personal alarm self-defence or personal alarms especially designed to keep on you at all times. These small plastic devices might look like a happy meal toy, but they’re incredibly effective at stopping an attack before it even happens. At the pull of a small clip or Press of a button, personal alarms can put out sounds as loud as 140 decibels around the same as a 747 jet engine being close to one of these is not a comfortable place to be.

Monkey Fist for Self Defence

monkey fist, self defence gadget, keyring

  Monkey fists often present themselves as regular critical rings to the undiscerning I; however, these unassuming accessories can be used for self-defence with significant effect. Monkey fists are essentially heavy ball bearings wrapps and attaches to a length of braided paracord, creating a heavy-duty weapon that allows you to keep your distance from an attacker and land some damaging blows if necessary. Monkey fists come in a massive range of different sizes, weight and links, with smaller short ones easier to pass off as regular key rings and larger longer ones being more effective as a primary self-defence tool. 

The Bryna HD Pistol 

The Bryna HD Pistol, pistol, guns, self defence gadgets

The Bryna HD is a non-lethal pistol that can hinder a target up to 60 feet away despite looking very much like regular fire. It uses compress CO2 to fire a non-lethal pellet, releasing tear gas And powders pepper substance on the impact the gas and powder Gibbons are incredibly effective. They are says to cause extreme difficulty breathing and a loss of vision for several minutes. The magazine can hold up to five pellets, so you can fire multiple shots in quick succession at a speed of up to 330 kilometres per hour, causing intense pain and discomfort. A well-placed shot on the upper body can even crack ribs.


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