How to Earn Money through Freelance Writing

Are you searching for the best sites for freelance content writing? If yes, then your search ends here

When it comes to freelance writing, this is one of the most searched questions:

How to Make Money by Writing

Content writing is also a well-known source for earning money online. Not only for freelancers, but a person having expertise in their fields can also write

Well researched and well-crafted content is always in demand, and professionals are continuously looking for writers who can write unique content that generates readers’ attention and quality traffic.

If you are passionate about “freelance content writing,” then this article is for you. I bet you surely love this information and earn a considerable amount of money by merely writing fresh and exciting content for other companies and bloggers. So without wasting time, let’s start.

10 Sites that Pay you for Freelance writing

Crowd Content:

Flexibility plays an important role in freelance writing. If you can write top-notch content with skills and English is your native language then Crowd Content is another site to find freelance content writing work. 

How to start:

Simply sign-up for a new account, provide valuable information about yourself, and once your application is accepted, you will be given a rating based on your application. Then you can start applying for work. 


They accept most of the writers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, so less opportunity for other countries’ residents.

          Types of work for writers

  1. Blog posts
  2. Website content ( with proper SEO implementation)
  3. Ebook
  4. Press releases
  5. Newsletter
  6. product description

However, their registration is closed for new writers, But you can fill your basic information and put yourself in waiting for the queue


If you explore a company that pays decent money to write with a bonus and your passion for creative writing is also inexhaustible. Then WriterBay will be your first choice as it does not charge any registration fee and offers a lifetime free membership.

How to start:

Apply for a new account

Enter all the details and once you complete, take the grammar test

Upload your CV and essay

After all the necessary steps, WriterBay will check your application and give you the final decision to work

How much you will be paid?

You could earn up to 50$ to 100$ based on your completed page or work within a month.


Lekhaka is a part of the online news portal site “Oneindia” and it is an online portal for writing and translation work in different Indian languages ​​that allows writers to enhance their creativity. You can earn according to your contribution.

Lekhaka gives the opportunity to everyone. All you need to do is to show your passion and enthusiasm to write. The biggest benefit that writers get is that you can work with the lekhaka by staying in any country.

How to get started:

Once you make up your mind.

Register with lekhaka, fill the required details, briefly describe yourself and when you have done, you’ll need to pass the online written test. Based on your testing performance and ability as a writer, the editorial team will examine your candidacy.

Wow-women on writing

Wow-woman writing has done a good job, they promote women writers. They encourage women to write unique posts and not accept them by reproducing or recreate published articles. 

Whether you are working on your first book or your first article –  women on writing have published article after article about the subject related to character development, how-to, women’s issues. 

Wow women focus on unconventional ideas. The articles are usually elaborate and displayed to help writers hone their skills and promote their work. A comprehensive platform has been created for women professionals from all fields to join, communicate, and connect with them!

How to get started

I would recommend to visit the women on writing site. Spend some time on their articles and topics. Did you notice something unique? Is there anything you can expand on or write about?

  • Make sure you’re not copying others’ content and re-construct an old version. be specific.
  • WoW pays around $ 50 to 75 $ for 1000-3000 word length but it can be negotiable
  • Focus on how helpful is your post and how will it help readers?

To publish an article – you first need to pitch an article in the body of your email. You are pitching what you want to write about. Now notice the word “query” in the subject line. They want pitches that are a “completely distant idea”.

All important details are presented on their contact page. I would say check them thoroughly before emailing them. Take some time, think about the topic in detail, and move on to the next process

Remember that they get a lot of spam and a lot of queries – so be patient.

Strong Whispers

Strong whispers have a wide range of topics from tech to ted talks to write. Your contribution is endless. Strong whispers always look for those who have the power to change, lead from the front. 

You can write articles on education reform or change in world leadership, conservation of our environment and resources, or corporate culture.

Their article fees are negotiable, but somehow they pay $50 per article published to the right person. 

How to get started

send them your desired topic and a small description for an article along with your fee expectation. Your topic must be very unique and impactful. They will ask you to your published blog URL to better understand your writing tone. 

Once you’re invited to write, you can start your work and submit it for review. Remember they won’t publish just simply written articles, Everyone wants the high-quality article to be published.

When you submit, it will be rechecked. After that, you’ll get emails, for rejection, approved, or minor changes. 


Cracked always prefers creators who write list-style articles. If you are a comical/creative person, Cracked is the best chance you will ever come in your life. 

Can you make entertaining, informative images? And, can you also show your creativity in infographics so that users would love to read or watch. If the answer is yes, then cracked will surely publish your content and will pay a good amount of money. You don’t need any experience to create content for cracked. If you think you have the ability, sign-up for their writers’ forum


Hubpages is an open community of creative, energetic, eagerness to learn, knowledge seekers writers, and readers like you. Share your thoughts, give opinions, ask questions, get answers, publish your articles, interact with authors. Building a strong reader base with Hubbers will be a rewarding experience for you.

To make money, you’re required to join HubPages’ affiliate partners and you need to regularly post high-quality articles on a specific topic, in which you are knowledgeable, which will bring traffic from search engines.

Screen Rant

Screen Rent always seeks out authors who can write deeply premium content in one or more of their categories, including film, TV, and game news/reviews. They have a large user base ranging from entertainment news to other amateurs and a YouTube channel with over 6.5 million subscribers, Screen Rant is the ultimate geek entertainment venue.

Although they do not disclose how much they will pay, this is expected according to industry norms. But you can still apply for the contributor application form. 

Income Diary

If you are keen on writing entrepreneurship, tips/tricks for website optimization, online earning, traffic to the site, then Income Diary is the kind of site you should look for freelance work as it pays up to $ 200 for the highest standard of articles. To write content for the income diary, you need to subscribe to their mailing list first so that you can be informed about paid writing assignments. They will then tell you when paid writing will be available.

They published a lot of posts on their site about how to write articles that people will love and pay. It is also worth noting that your article will be published with your name. If you have decided to write for Income diary, then subscribe to them here and give the details about yourself along with your content idea. 

Wide open country

Are you an avid fan of country music and country lifestyle? Do you like writing content on this subject? If yes, then you can be a part of the wide open country contributor team.

Country song and country way of life fans who write are invited to give their resume along with two writing samples, and briefly describe yourself that why you’re a good fit to Wide Open Country for consideration. Successful candidates will be invited to enroll in the contributing team and will be paid to deliver material about country songs, lifestyles, and entertainment.

Conclusion: If you want to earn some extra bucks by doing part-time work, then freelance content writing is the best option for you, but make sure you have skills to write engaging and fresh articles because most of these websites judge you on your work and consistency. Necessary: always try to deliver high -quality content, because it not only increases your “star rating” but also helps to get more orders. That’s why getting more orders is vital to building a good reputation in front of buyers.

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