Tech Tats

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A few years ago, specialists from the chaotic Moon studio showed an invention that can significantly change peoples’ lives. The tech test is a series of unique tattoos that can prevent people from undergoing medical cheque ups. Tech Tat’s developers suggest tattooing the body once a year. The built-in sensors will collect all medical information about the body and send it to the doctors. If there’s a problem, the sensible recognize it and register as another potential application is Data storage. Also can use as credit cards to pay at the supermarkets.


Naked Fit 

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The version you see on the screen will appeal to people who like walking barefoot. These are unique additive soles that can use on the beach or hanging out by the pool. They provide optimum protection against sharp objects and reduce the risk of slipping. The advantages that the person wearing the soles will no longer have to constantly put on and take off their flip flops worrying about losing them make it fit ideas firmly to the sole of your foot even if you’re underwater. Meanwhile, the foot remains clean, and the dry naked fit is heat resistant, so you could walk on hot sand and rocks without worrying too. They can even use in this order. A set of 10 pairs costs $34.

Futuristic Sink

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 Some inventions become popular long after their creation, and this is precisely what happen in this case. This sink create about ten years ago, but people noticed it only a couple of months ago. This unique high techs ink develop by the Turkish specialist Osman Canause Kenley. It can find in the office of the developer and president of OZ PAC. The sink has a futuristic look and will appraise by lovers of unusual interiors.


skyline, robotics, ozmo, technology of 2021

 The modern world is increasingly robotic, making people worry will the machine completely replace people in the future. The specialists at skyline robotics created the invention you see on the screen, and they have a different opinion. They believe machines will only replace people in hazardous occupations, and that’s why they design OZMO. According to the creators, the glass surface of an average skyscraper is about 28,000 square metres. Cleaning such an area using traditional methods takes about 2 1/2 months. Meanwhile, by using all OZMO, two operators can do the same job in about a weeks.

Magic Leap One Tech

magic leap one, tech, crazy tech, technology of 2021

 The technology you see on the screen will allow everyone to experience augmented reality. Just in case, let’s clarify the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. The first one has nothing to do with the natural world and immerses the person in a completely new world while augmented reality transforms the space around us. Magic leap one creates interactive elements in real-time you can organize a mediaeval battle in the kitchen or have the Star Wars characters wander around your bedroom. Currently, several manufacturers are developing augmented reality glasses. However, magically one has a more compact and comfortable design. For example, the HoloLens or the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses magically one is a unique device. These glasses can remember the location of floor walls, ceilings and other objects in the room.

Scuber Tech

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A few weeks ago, Sauber announce that it was about to launch an underwater taxi in Australia. Many people know that the Great Barrier Reef can see from space. Still, now anyone can see it up close if you have the luck. Of course, scuba is a two-seater submarine that, unfortunately, will work for a short period. The underwater taxi will work from the 27th of May to the 18th of June. This year, a trip for two people will cost about $3000.00 for the surprise travellers will take by helicopter to the dog. The submarine will take them on an hour-long trip near the Barrier Reef at a depth of 30 metres from a bear.

Blue  Tech

Blue  robots, blue technology, robots, artificial intelligence, AI Robots, Tech, technology of 2021

 The last invention will show you today was developed by a team of researchers at the University of California. Berkeley the blue robot in bodies the latest advances in artificial intelligence. In addition thanks to deep reinforcement learning the robot can solve complex problems that for a long time. Could only be solved by humans, the problem with modern robots. That they are expensive and designed around the principle of very high precision. And repeated motions blue doesn’t have these problems the total cost of the pass is about $3000 when assembled the price increases to $5000 at the same time.

Blue is a step forward in the creation of dynamic and responsive robots like people. They will use their eyesight and their tactile skills to make decisions. Blue is sensitive to external factors and calculates its own strength every second. The size of the mechanized arms is comparable to the size of a bodybuilders arms. I’m just like a person the robot contends his arms or relax them pay attention to the joints that move in the same way. As the shoulders elbows and wrists of human.


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