Computer Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Here are 12 time-saving computer life hacks we wish we learn sooner. You know there are three types of computer users the ones who use their mouths. Those who use their keyboard and those who prefer talking to Cortana or Siri. No matter which category you fall into.

Do you know about these tricks that reveal the unknown possibilities of your computer? Give an absolute boost to your productivity and your security?


Control plus T

Opens a new tab when you work a lot on your PC and your web browser. Is your number one tool opening new tabs is an action that you do countless times during the day. Instead of doing it manually with your mouse, you can simply press control. The letter T as in toy and a new tab will open if you are using a Mac book. You will press command instead of control #2

Ask Google about any problem

You’re facing before going to a PC expert. Most problems are simple issues that can easily be resolve by following a few steps. However, most people panic when anything wrong happens and run to the nearest PC expert. Just remember to be cool and slow down you can type your problem into the Google search bar. And read with Microsoft or the various tech forums. I have to tell you you’ll probably find the solution there and won’t need to spend money on an expert.

For Currency Conversions use the Google search bar

 Instead of a Calculator that needs calculators when you have something as precious as Google. If you’re travelling abroad and you need to see how much money. You will get with the exchange you can simply write down the amount of money. The currencies of the country where you’ll be travelling. A simple $100 to euro will be enough to learn how much you win or lose from the exchange.

 A laptop battery charges faster when in Aeroplane mode

When your laptop is on aeroplane mode. It means that many features like your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disable this takes some pressure off your battery. And allows it to charge faster than if operating normally expect to see your laptop. Fully charge in 10 to 15 minutes faster than if you had the aeroplane mode off that’s useful.

Computer Tips & Tricks

Download any Google image automatically by pressing alt and clicking on it

Most people right-click on images and select the save option but there is a much easier and faster way to download. A photo on your computer you can simply push off and then left-click on an image and it will be automatically saving on your computer in your downloads folder on a Mac book. You can press control and then click on the image it will then give you a drop-down menu where you can select a copy image.

Hide your IP address so that no one sees what you’re doing

There are various ways that can hide your IP address and make your browsing invisible first of all you need to install a good VPN on your Internet browser so that it changes your real location then you can download peer block which also hides your address and gives you the ability to do whatever you want with nobody knowing.

Download F.LUX on your Computer

To make your computer screen brightness adjust automatically to its surroundings. There are many of you who work on your computers from various environments and know how hard it is to be in a dark space with an extremely bright screen. Most computers have the night shift mode which adjusts the brightness during the night you can also download and install F.lux. Which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen base on every environment it’s placing in it’s a great alternative if the night shift mode isn’t satisfactory for you.

 A clean desktop means a faster computer

If you’re having problems with your computer speed. It might be the fact that your desktop is full of icons instead of having a folder for every little thing on your desktop. You can create one folder and organise everything in there next put all your apps in the taskbar and you will be left with an almost empty desktop. This action will instantly maximise your computer speed.

Find out who is stealing your Wi-Fi

 Isn’t it annoying when your connexion is slow because someone else is taking advantage of your Wi-Fi if you don’t just want to change your password but also find out who the thief or thieves are Can download who is on my Wi-Fi and maybe go confront them there is nothing more embarrassing than telling someone that you know they’ve been stealing from you?

You can recover deleted files even if you’ve empty the Recycle bin

Deleting files and then emptying the recycle bin can prove to be very frustrating. Since you may realise afterwards that in that pile there was a file that you really need it which you can do is download rackova which is the top programme to recover permanently delete files. It’s just choosing what type of file you’re looking for and the programme searches everything for you. If it has been a long time since you delete a file is possible that the programme won’t be able to locate it.

If you notice these signs your computer has been hack

Millions of people get hacked every day and you might be one of them at some point seeing your antivirus is turned off is one of the first serious eyes also when you try to log into your computer and suddenly your password doesn’t work this is another serious indication that something is wrong Lastly a sure sign that you have been hacked is if you see your cursor moving on its own in this case take your laptop to an expert and try to resolve the issue.

 Windows + C enables you to start talking to Cortana

For users who have bought Microsoft laptops or use PCs with the latest Windows 10 version, Cortana is the digital person that can guide you through anything you need if you don’t know how to perform a certain action or are bored of using the mouse you can press windows and the letter see an ask Cortana anything you want she will ask you questions in order to guide you to the action you need to perform if, on the other hand, you’re using a Mac book you will need to press command and then the space bar in order to start talking to Siri.



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