10 Common On Page SEO Mistakes Must Avoid

On-Page SEO is a must important of your website. Today is a digital trend; understanding SEO is necessary to run a successful marketing agency or online business. If you want to drive traffic to your site and increase sales, you always have to update yourself with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

There are so many common Off-Page SEO mistakes to avoid that Beginners occasionally do. That’s the reason why a website is not giving the same result as other websites do. Once they fix the simple SEO mistakes, the website will surely get a boost.

With this on-page, off-page is a must important. It is also very important for traffic to come on your website and to rank the website in the SERP.

But while keeping up with the SEO demands, online marketing decisions make some mistakes that destroy SEO rankings. These mistakes can take a considerable toll on online business which can take a lot of time to recover. To help you avoid bad decisions in SEO, we have listed 10 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes Must Avoid. 

10 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1- Wrong Keyword Optimization:- 

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes Keyword Optimization

Optimizing articles with incorrect keywords is also one of the common blunders that most beginners do. This can happen intentionally or unintentionally, but a lot happens nowadays. Incorrect keyword selection is the main reason behind the failure of the content. Most people make this Common on-page SEO mistake, incorrect practice of keywords is the most harmful on-page SEO mistakes, which should be corrected at that time. 

Before proceeding to the topic, first, write the relevant keywords carefully. Then choose the top keywords that are most likely to rank. This strategy works perfectly to rank an article on the Internet.

2- Using Wrong anchor text:-

Anchor text is a must important for your website. Initially, people paste a link to a particular page in the name of interlinking or backlink. Ok, you can leave a link to a page, but have ever wondered which keyword says more about that link. Maybe the Google crawler crawls that link as well, but it will not rank your page for sure for a particular keyword. Familiar SEO Mistakes, Most people make this Common on-page SEO mistake. The expert is aware that when creating backlinks and preventing keyword usage is an essential thing.

3- Keyword stuffing:-

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes Keyword stuffing

Over optimizing content with keywords will not bring your website to the top ranking. If you are doing such cheap tricks to get a ranking on the search engine results page, for God’s sake, please stop it. Stuffing content with keywords is one of the common SEO mistakes that every beginner should avoid. There are various reasons for using such black hat SEO techniques. Wrong practice of on-page SEO

If a word repeats over and over again no one likes to read the material. It is one of the biggest reasons for the boom rate on the website. When you are busy filling in keywords, you miss covering all the important parts of the article. A more optimized content never ranks higher on search engines.

4- Site structure:-

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes Site structure

Some beginners do not care about website structure and only focus on linking and content. Having a well-optimized website with internal links and headings is not just the basics that beginners should worry about. Common SEO Mistakes not having a well-optimized website structure is also the biggest mistake that you should fix as soon as possible.

According to Google, if a website has a user-friendly site structure, it directly or indirectly boosts the overall performance of the website.

5- Using poor title:-

The title tag is very important in ranking. Every website uses the title tag. But not everyone has the idea of ​​creating a catchy title that attracts readers’ eyes. Many beginners lie on this common thing that can bring heavy traffic to your website. Common On-Page SEO Blunder

To make the title attractive, experts use the word Shakti using simple words. Using power words creates a hidden interest between users and the article. Not creating a catchy title is one of the main reasons one of your articles is ranking on 1 page yet not receiving traffic.

6- Duplicate content:-

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes Duplicate content

Today is the king of content marketing. In the race to publish articles, many beginners post duplicate content. They copy content from top websites that are at the top position and publish it on their website. They think by doing this that they bring huge traffic to their website. But having such a mentality is completely wrong. Simple On-Page SEO Errors.

Every SEO expert knows that the content must be original and not duplicate from any other source. Main reason behind this, Google penalized duplicate content. If your website is full of copy-content, you can severely permanently disintegrate with the Google search engine.

7- Don’t forget to use the H1 (heading) tag:- 

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes H1 (heading) tag

Some beginners use the H1 tag in content simply because they have no idea about it. In addition, you may find some others who do not use the title simply because they are not used for it.

There is no doubt that the title tag plays an important role in an article. Headings not only help to divide a long topic into helpful short paragraphs but also make a topic easily understandable. Also, placing a title with a keyword greatly affects the performance of the article. Top SEO tools companies like Yoast have also confirmed that everyone should use titles in content.

8- Wrong Keyword Optimization:-

Optimizing an article with the wrong keywords is also one of the common mistakes most people make in on-page SEO. It can happen intentionally or unknowingly, but nowadays, many people make this mistake. Incorrect keyword selection is the main reason behind the failure of the content. Wrong practice of keywords is the most harmful on-page SEO mistakes, which should be corrected at that time.

Before proceeding to the topic, first, write the relevant keywords carefully. Then choose the top keywords that are most likely to rank. This strategy works perfectly to rank an article on the Internet.

9- No use of copyrighted images:-

Images make a big impact on website performance. Many people make this mistake on pages. Well-written content with amazing images helps the user to understand the content better. Images are not only good as a user’s prospectus, but also play a major role as overall website performance. This creates a high probability of reducing the bounce rate of the website which also affects the site ranking.

Beginners do not think about such details or perhaps care and such small mistakes sometimes play a major role.

10- Not Optimized for mobile page:-

Mostly 50% of all traffic comes from mobiles. If your website is not mobile-ready, Google will automatically consider it unfriendly for its searchers. Most people make this common on-page SEO mistake to ensure that your website is responsive and make it mobile for them in the first place. By tapping into mobile traffic, you will also be able to increase the visibility of your website. The mobile-friendly article ranks very quickly in SERP.

Mobile-friendly page speed is considered as ranking factors on Google search. Then it would help if you did not ignore mobile.


It is not liked that all beginners have made the same mistake or are already doing it. The main things are ignoring these types of common SEO mistakes which can actually be harmful to your website. Once you discover your on-page SEO mistakes, it will be very easy to take your website to the height of success.

You are about completely aware of all of your website issues? hope we you find this data valuable and helpful on your way to the top of the Google and SERPs!

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