10 Famous Celebrities With Unique Hidden Talent

Steve Davis- DJing

 Six-time World Snooker champion Steve Davis was once mockingly nicknamed interesting my spitting image for his perceived lack of charisma. So his hidden talent was probably the last person you’d expect to see scratching in beat matching records on a turntable. Yet, Davis has become a regular at hot London night clubs, even earning himself slots at Glastonbury. The renowned block festival in 2016. And whilst his fondness for underground electronic M might not be to everyone to taste. At least it trumps his only other contribution to music with chosen Davis in 1986.


Cara Delevingne- Beatboxing 

Supermodel turned actress Cara is also an accomplished singer. She was once turning down a record deal for well-known music manager Simon Fuller. The brain behind the Pop Idol franchise in more recent times. Cara even performs a song ‘I feel everything’ for the 3D space opera. Valerian and the city of 1000 planet, a film in which she starred. But it turns out she’s also a dab hand beatboxing, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Their impromptu performance turns into an impressive duet with American rapper Terry Trotter. Who knows, maybe she’ll feature in her next movie soundtrack.

Matt Smith- Football 

Matt Smith hidden talent, Famous Celebrities With Unique Hidden Talent

 British actor Smith is best know for his role as the 11th doctor in Doctor Who. But did you know he once aspired to be in professional football? Well, of course, he did. However, unfortunately for Smith, a back injury cut his career short when he was captain of Leicester city. Yes, he held onto his dribbling skills, as shown by his appearance on the Graham Norton show.

Ed Sheeran- The Malteser Challenge

Ed Sheeran hidden talent, singer talent, Famous Celebrities With Unique Hidden Talent

  Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has many skills aside from the obvious two and a little bit of acting now and then. Still, the most unexpected of his hidden talent though that’d be fitting large numbers of Maltesers into his mouth. OK, so it’s an ability with limited applications. Still, we never say these hidden talent had to be useful ones. Word of Sheeran’s gift has spread far, meaning he often gets ask for demonstrations when giving interviews.

Tom Holland- Gymnastics 

 Young Tom Holland gives such an accomplished performance in Spiderman might think. He was born for the role whilst there are some aspects of his character that he’s reportedly not so comfortable with. When it comes to acrobatics is clearly in his element. As a child, Tom gained experience in gymnastics, parkour, and dance. Playing the title role in Billy Elliot’s musical skills helped him on the part of Spiderman in Captain America civil war. It even enabled him to do bold his stunts.

James McAvoy- Unicycling 

Scottish actor McAvoy needed to learn to ride a unicycle for his part in the western Play. ‘The ruling class’ as one does. Still, he didn’t exactly achieve expert status once he fell off in the middle of the performance. So, when he asks to prove his skills again on the Graham Norton show. His initial response doesn’t exactly fill you. James reckons he’s not want to turn down the challenge after a shaky start. He’s soon wiring the audience with a double act alongside Mark Ruffalo.

Benedict Cumberbatch- Star Wars Impressions 

  Cumberbatch is renown as a versatile actor. Whose CV includes the cap-wearing flatmate of fiction’s famed doctor Watson and voice work including talking dragon Smaug. Both his hidden talent don’t end there, with Graham Norton once more and Cumberbatch shows off his impression of the Wookie Chewbacca, which amazes even han solo actor Harrison Ford.

Daniel Radcliffe-Rapping

 Most people know Radcliffe as the star of the Harry Potter films advertised by he might skip the dole and find employment music business. The Tonight Show in 2014 Radcliffe challenges jimmy to wrap the Tongue twisting track of hip hop duo Blackalicious alphabet aerobics. Boy, does he step up to the mark? Radcliffe performance adds a standing ovation from the audience. Blackalicious is MC gift of gab later admitts that Radcliffe had kills it sure does have the magic touch. 

Victoria Coren Mitchell- Poker 

Victoria Coren Mitchell hidden talent, actors hidden talent, Famous Celebrities With Unique Hidden Talent

Mitchell is probably best known for being the host of the BBC game show only connect, but away from TV studios, she does a bit off gaming herself a trailblazer in women’s poker. She’d been so successful as she entered the women in poker hall of fame in 2016, and she was the first plan to win two main events on the European poker tour. Coren Mitchell once revealed she started playing poker to spend time with the boys before deciding that the cards were more interesting than her male companions. 

Ricky Gervais- Singing 

Ricky Gervais hidden talent, singers hidden talent, Famous Celebrities With Unique Hidden Talent

In the office, the dreams of Gervais comedy creation David Brands is to have a career in music no matter how desperately unlikely it may seem. But did you know that you Gervais himself was once in a new wave pop duo called Siana dancing, the now forgotten to some released two singles that flopped in the UK? Still, they track more to lose was a hit in the Philippines of all places. After the break up of Siana dancing, Gervais even went on to manage the alternative rock room suede for a short time before they became famous without him, and he became famous without them.


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