Best Top 10 Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2021

What are the best advertising networks for bloggers and publishers in 2021?

If you’ve launched your blog and your traffic is growing, Now it’s time to start thinking about how to monetize your blog. Display ads are one of the most popular and common monetization methods–even for new bloggers.

How do you know which display ad networks are the best? Depending on how much traffic your blog attracts, you should choose the display advertising network according to you.

With the help of help, you can save time and make more money. I will reveal the top 10 ad networks. Now you can start using them right now to increase your blog revenue today; to begin with blogging, then discuss the concern.

Even if your advertising revenue is small initially, using display ads means 100% passive income – while also including sleeping. Only the best advertising networks for publishers are listed.

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 Cost Per Mile (CPM)

The “Cost Per Mile” pricing model is based on how many impressions a single ad receives. Where is CPM stands for “cost per mile”, The meaning is per thousand of impressions.

If you’re wondering what the word impressions means, it’s just the latest fancy marketing term for how many people see the advertisement. “Cost Per Mile” works well for advertisers who are interested in raising the brand awareness of a new product or service.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The CPM model may work well for you if you have a large blog audience with a growing number of monthly page views. For example, if you charge a CPM of $10, that means you’ll earn $10 for every 1,000 advertisements that a visitor sees on your website.

Clicks usually tell advertisers how effective their ads are. Such a pricing model is popular with ad networks such as Google AdSense.

Typical CPC can range from $1-5 depending on how well the advertisement is optimized. Before signing up with an ad network, make sure you understand how they measure CPC and their process for click monitoring.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPM)

The CPA refers to “cost per acquisition”, where is meaning the visitor must not only click the advertisement but also sign up or purchase. This action can be difficult to sell and making CPA pricing models only work for those who are skilled with affiliate marketing.

An advertiser loves, “COST PER CLICK” Where model because they’re usually happy to share a larger commission for clicks that lead to actual sales. This is generally why you can make far more income from CPA than CPC, and even more than CPM.

If interested in exploring affiliate marketing for high commission opportunities.


fixed rate in red stamp style, stamped on white background

Fixed-rate or flat-rate advertising maybe a little gamble for bloggers and advertisers.

If you agree to a flat rate, you have the need to end upbringing in the same amount of income if the ad performs well or poorly. Including this,, sometimes little incentive to optimize the advertisement.

In the early days of blogging, this pricing model was common for creators who wanted to sell their sidebar and banner ad space for a fixed cost. Advertisements on blogs have evolved since then, but this pricing model is still around.

Fixed-rate sponsors are privately agreed to by each individual. To increase performance and effectiveness of the advertisement.

Pros and cons of the blog advertising network

Now that you know what ad pricing models work for you when you are ready to dig into the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular advertising networks. There are hundreds of ad networks available. But these are the most reviewed and used.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network on the web. You have a need to pay, you should reach at least $100 every month. Depending on the size of your blog audience, this may or may not be a good fit for you.


  • Highly recognized in the advertising field.
  • More display customization options down to colors, fonts, etc.
  • Timely payout schedules that are all automated.


  • lWith such a wide reach, many of the ads on your site will be displayed on others.
  • lThe Customer support is not personal, but Google has a widecustomer base.


Infolink is suited for new bloggers. This is a great option for those who want to get their feet wet with online advertising. If not sure where to begin, the Info link may be worth a look.


  • lTrusted advertising company.
  • lKnown for their in-text ads.
  • lEasy-to-use dashboard for measuring revenue earned.
  • lInstead of sending payments only to PayPal, they will also do a  direct bank transfers.


  • ·Minimum payout is at $50.

Blog Her

This ad network, which inadvertently caters to women, has been around since 2006. Blog Her pays its users monthly by check or PayPal until you reach $25, which is more generous than Google AdSense.


  • lIn simple terms, More targeted ads if your blog audience is nearly all women.
  • lThey have the various resources to help you grow your blog traffic.

l Including other bonus, you may get sponsored content opportunities from their ad network.


  • lBlog Her requirements that you place your display ad at the top of every page and post.
  • lYou have any other advertisements on your website up-down compared to them.
  • lYou should sign a one-year contract while working with them.

Revenue hit

Unlike many ad networks we have seen so far, revenue is not paid based on revenue hits or clicks. Instead, Revenue Hits works on the CPA pricing model. This means that advertising must convert to sales or sign-ups to paying, but the revenue potential is higher.

  • There are no minimum traffic requirements.
  • Some content creators earn daily up to $100 Revenue Hits per day..
  • Customer support is provided.
  • The minimum payment is $50 which is quickly accessible.
  • You have an interested and engaged audience.


  • How much you increase your page view month after month, as much as your audience thinks.
  • On Just because your visitors see an ad or click on it, which means they pay. is an ad platform for bloggers. Where offers contextual ads of CPM, CPA, and CPC programs. powered by Yahoo or Bing. The advertisers’ quality is very high. The platform’s advertisement looks very distinct in comparison to other ad networks. So that’s better if you have a theme that matches the ad design. has a minimum payout of $100 and pays through PayPal and Web Money. Now here no minimum traffic requirement which is a good feature for new and small publishers.

The Propeller Advertisement

The Propeller Advertisement With instant approval and fast payments, Propeller Advertise is a most popular ad network for bloggers who work across multiple genres and screen types like desktop, mobile, social media, software, games etc.

Propeller Advertisement offer CPA, CPC, and CPM ad programs and real-time reporting for all the advertisement. It makes it easy to track the performance and earnings easily. The minimum payout is $100 for PayZa and Payoneer and $550 for wire transfer.

Propeller Ads offers CPM, CPA, and CPC advertising programs and real-time reporting for all advertisements. This makes it easy to track performance and earnings easily. The minimum payment is $100 for Payza and Payoneer and $550 for wire transfer.


Bidvertiser is an old, yet reliable advertising network. They give offer so many types of ad formats for blogging. They do not offer very high-quality advertisements. It pays via check, bank transfer, and PayPal.

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