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meme is pretty merely an idea, behaviour, or concept that spreads, generally via the internet. The Memes typically manifest themselves into a visual such as a photo or a video. 

It can use the form of a link, hashtag, a simple word or phrase (e.g., an intentional misspelling), or even a whole website. Memes join the online world’s funny bones and give a platform for social commentary, pop art, and image editing skills. 

Yet brands are hopping aboard the meme series: both build their own and cross their fingers that they end up like Dos Equis — which reportedly tripled its business with its famed Most Interesting Man campaign.

Memes became so common word that was officially added to the Merriam-Webster vocabulary. By a vague definition to encapsulate all of the different memes’ different forms.

 They may be in the form of videos, gifs, words, and pretty much. Any other “idea, behaviour, image or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. We will focus on the photo/text variety.

It’s showing you how to get popular meme looks with PicMonkey so that you can start your ascent to internet stardom right now.

Dank meme refers to viral internet content that has lost its value or currency due to overuse or passing trends. It can further lead to incredibly unique or odd memes.

The 4 Ingredients of an Effective Meme

The 4 Ingredients of an Effective Meme
The 4 Ingredients of an Effective Meme

The meme is at the vanguard of what makes up shareable, viral content on the social web. It is a simple & easy image, video, or GIF with a funny tagline. The funny online commentary & usually considered any content designed and packaged with your friends.

And Individuals’ memories have continued to gain far-reaching traction with examples like the success kid or the overly attached girlfriend.

The Basic Tips for Hilarious Memes & Inspiring Meme Ideas

Memes meet the online world’s unusual bones. It gives a platform for social commentary, pop culture measurements & image editing skills. 

Easy meme looks

Easy meme looks
Easy meme looks

We’ve now covered how to build a basic meme. Meme ideas can come from anywhere. Now, here are some easy ways to get other famous meme looks in PicMonkey.

“No one” meme

You’ve reasonably seen the “no one” meme floating around the Internet. The point is to offer an odd or weird idea that no one asked for in the first place or point out something strange that everyone does, but no one talks about — like turning down the car radio while looking for an address.

The meme starts with a blank “No one:” and then continues to the second line, the punchline. To make this in PicMonkey, you could start with a 1080*1080 Instagram template then add your photos or search stock photos.

Side-by-side comparison memes

Side by side comparison memes
Side-by-side comparison memes

Sometimes fun happens when we use our research powers and realize that two things share a commonality. 

You can use this meme in several directions:

  1. Who used it better?
  2. Related expressions on a human’s face and an animal’s face.
  3. Whatever you think vs reality, as demonstrated below.

To create a relation meme in PicMonkey, put two images next to one another and add your text. 

Tips for successful memes

Now, here are a few other bits to help you. It creates the kind of meme that gets all the likes and shares.

  • If you require your meme to reach on, then post it in public places. Reddit and Tumblr have historically been favorites for meme displays.
  • The most excellent meme text is small, quippy, and relatable.
  • Use easy-to-read, large text. Nobody likes squinting.
  • Get productive with your picture sources—your uncomfortable middle school photo could make you the next bad luck Brian. 
  • Pop culture is a great meme source. 
  • Virgin Media’s success kid campaign was successful. Because it made use of a meme while it was popular and used it to convey what they were offering.

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