Best International Money Transfer Apps for iOS and Android.

Old money transfer services are moving their transactions online, while new fintech companies are bursting with online-only services that give right to local bank accounts worldwide.
But with various options and fresh features. It has essential research and finds the international money transfer app that is right for you.
Unique apps are available to some nations’ residents, while others will get your money faster at a cost.
And a few may have the speed, price, and convenience you need all in one. To make things easier for you, we have best-suited apps to transfer your international money.

What is an international payment gateway? Money Transfer Apps

A payment gateway is a tool that businesses use to confirm their customers’ card details. After that making them vital for offline or online companies that authorize credit/debit card payments.

Even if you’ve got a payment processor or a merchant account – two of the critical pieces of software required to process card transactions – you won’t be able to receive a payment if you don’t have a payment gateway.

Fortunately, many providers offer an all-in-one solution. So, what’s an international payment gateway? Simple. Businesses that take international payments will have a need for a payment gateway.

They offer global/multi-currency payments and an interface with multiple languages, otherwise known as an international payment gateway.

Best payment gateways for international payments Money Transfer Apps

Now that you know what an international online payment gateway is, it’s essential to understand your options. Here’s our rundown of the best global payment gateway providers available to businesses in the UK:


A household name, PayPal is one of the most trusted options for online sales.  It’s effortless to set up with its high name recognition, PayPal can help your firm inspire trust in potential buyers.

Moreover, PayPal is available in more than 200 countries/regions and supports 25 currencies. The reason behind that it’s a genuinely global option for businesses looking for an international payment gateway provider.

World Pay

Worldpay is an all-in-one payment processing app. Which helps you process credit card payments directly from your app or website.  It’s one of the most broadly used international payment gateways in the UK. It gives offers support for more than 120 currencies. 

Making it easy to accept payments from customers located all over the globe. Moreover, World pay requires almost long inequalities and may enforce early termination fees if you choose to close your account earl.

Sage Pay

Giving two tiers of service (Business for small-to-medium size firms and Corporate for larger firms).  Sage Pay is a payment gateway service that is considered an international payment gateway. 

It can process payments in more than 25 different currencies. It allows you to accept credit/debit card payments from all the major card companies.

Brain Tree

Although PayPal owns Braintree, they operate in very different ways. Braintree gives specific merchant accounts that allow you to process transactions. 

Among more than 45 countries/regions included. it can be an attractive option for an international payment gateway for companies in the market.


In many other international payment gateway providers, Stripe provides payment gateways in a scale of APIs. This means that you’ll have full charge & easily combine your new payment gateway into your online store.

Also, Stripe accepts payment in 135+ currencies and offers extensive support for local prices. 

Adyen-Money Transfer Apps

Offering a global payment processing solution. Adyen provides coverage for over 30 different currencies worldwide. It’s helpful to make it an excellent option for businesses looking to expand into new regions and territories. 

This global online payment gateway enables you to accept a wide range of payment methods. It’s giving your customers the sort of experience that they’ve come to expect from online shopping.


With its all-in-one solution that bundles together merchant accounts and payment gateways, is an innovative solution. It supports payment in 159 countries, and although it’s relatively expensive, can be the right solution for low-volume merchants.

Amazon Pay-Money Transfer Apps

However it’s a comparatively new arrival on the payment view; Amazon Pay is still an excellent option for anyone waiting for an international payment gateway with minimal fees and a simple interface.

Plus, it offers excellent multi-currency capabilities, providing your business with the perfect platform from which to grow internationally. Transfer Apps

Established in 1996. payment gateway is an extremely customizable solution for enterprises looking for an international payment gateway.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that can only help businesses based in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Europe receive international payments. That means it may be a less viable choice than others on the list.

Features in the app

a. Live exchange rates

b. Set rate alerts

c. Track your transfer

 d. Available on iPhone Available on Android

e. Available in other languages


  • Cash pickup available
  • No minimum transfer
  • Large range of destinations
  • Funds received by mobile money


  • Limit on how much you can send.
  • Fees can be varied depending on the speed of your transfer.
  • Requires government-issued ID.

Why you should consider using payment apps.

Why you should consider using payment apps

They make paying easier.

The Payment apps can make your life much more comfortable. First, you could store them all in a payment app carrying around multiple credit cards or other payment methods.

They’re good for security.

Even if you lose your phone, as long as your phone is secured correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone else accessing your payment information.

Payment apps aren’t for everyone.

Payment apps are helpful for some people but a pain for others. Those that struggle with technology may find payment apps more frustrating to use than traditional payment methods.

If you have not a compatible phone, there’s no way to use some payment apps. You can still swipe your credit card, pay by check, through, or your bank’s bill pay service.

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