Asus VG259Q, Best for most people

ASUS TUF GAMING VG259Q |25 Inch IPS FHD | FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Asus VG259 Q is one of the best monitors by Asus, this gaming monitor is an excellent one because it has amazing specs overall great performance and on top of that is not very expensive like other high-end premium gaming monitors. It is a very nice-looking minimalist design and they provide excellent image quality.
Asus VG259 Q offers a fast 1080P IPS panel which is very fast and provides great image quality with the Asus shadow boost technology which clarifies dark areas of the game. It has seven preset display modes that optimize visuals for different types of content and works great with chasing if you have an NVIDIA GPU. If you’ve already decided to buy an Asus gaming monitor make sure you take a look at the aces BG259Q

AOC C24G1A, Best curved monitor

AOC C24G2U review: the best budget gaming monitor just got even better |  Rock Paper Shotgun

you get a patient around the screen space here and reasonably sharp details unlike that of 27 inch 1080P monitor whichever more pixelated image quality. Allow you to take advantage of the monitors 165 Hz refresh rate even with a decent budget or mid-range gaming graphics card, the main asset of the VA technology is the superior static contrast ratio for 3000 to 1, this results in deep and inky Blacks.
The OSD menu offers plenty of useful features but the navigation through it using the monitors for hotkeys is not as pleasant, luckily You can use AOC’s G menu application like most of the monitor’s adjustments using your mouse and keyboard.

AOC 27G2, Best 27 inch monitor

AOC Monitor.27G2.monitor

This monitor delivers great performances comparable to high-end models sometimes equalling their performances with its great resolution, super low response time, great refresh rate, AMD free sync feature, beautiful design, low input lag, and tons of adjustable settings resulting in an ultra attractive monitor.
In the connectivity department, this monitor has some good options including two HDMI port to display port to VGA and a headphone Jack to wrap it up, this amazing monitor rocks a 27-inch in-plane switching panel with a Full HD resolution of 1080P a maximum brightness of 300 nits and it’s a native contrast of 1000 to one and an 8-bit color depth for an extra vivid appearance.
It managed to reproduce 126% of the SRGB color gamut to deliver ultra pleasing visuals for its amazing gaming prowess it has a 144HZ refresh rate with a pixel response time of 1 millisecond on top of that it has freezing and motion blur reduction technology that delivers a perfect gaming experience.

Dell S2421 HGF, Best all round

144hz Monitor: Dell 24 Gaming Monitor - S2421HGF | Dell India

From top to bottom the Dell 24 gaming monitor S2421 HGF is the very definition of a good enough peripheral this 24-inch gaming monitor displays pretty decent 1080P images for both gaming and proactivity. It has a 144HZ refresh rate and AMD-free sync compatibility at such a price.
The Dell S2421 HGF is a superbly designed gaming monitor that suitable for sports titles like CS go or Valorent where speed is of the utmost importance, it is practically lag-free so every gaming session will be smooth and blur-free.
Dell S2421 HGF as a fast one millisecond G2G or greater grade pixel transition response time speed which eliminates trailing behind fast-moving objects, there are three response time Overdrive modes fast, super fast and extreme the extreme. It is an overall excellent monitor for competitive gaming.

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