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Zhiyun Smooth 4 

The Zhiyun 3 grant expert tracking focus and a powerhouse battery life with lovable features and attractive design we can’t help but fall in love with one of the best mobile gambles on the market in 2021, Zhiyun Smooth 4 is the most affordable gimbal that sports moment lenses, the body design enables you to still use a counterweight to offset the weight of large phones lenses and filters it is certainly seen as a more professional hand wheel bringing you never before seen experience of smooth operation, by simply pressing the FN switch button the dedicated handwheel is configured into a tight focus puller mode but changes during real-time precision you can then zoom in or out as much as you desire as well as focusing on close up shots  

One of our favorite components dizzy and smooth for is the object tracking design You can frame the exact object you wish to track and the stabilizer does the rest spoof always been a fun device to run around filming with always giving me the smoothest footage I’ve ever taken on my phone. 

Moza Air 2  

Best for battery life,  the design of the Moza air 2 is very reminiscent of any larger weight capacity singlehanded gimbal that’s available into the DJI Ronin-S, unlike the back support arm the connects the role and the tilt access has been angled down so you can clearly see the back screen of your camera it also makes it a lot easier to access the controls on your camera if needed. The company hasn’t tried to redesign the wheel and they’ve gone with a proven design. 

 The air 2 features eight different operational modes including single access and dual-axis mode such as pan follow and pan-tilt follow these modes allow for different shooting styles that musicals sports gear, FPV, Panorama tracking, and inception styles. The gimbal can’t handle the weight of a smaller digital cinema camera it hasn’t really been designed for that purpose. 



Best for smartphones, DJI is likely one of the first names that come to mind when you think of drones but in pro video circles companies line of Roman camera stabilizers are just run out, smartphone content creators can enjoy the same stabilization features in a smaller more portable package the DJ IOM 4 updated and rebranded edition of the previous generation Osmo mobile 3. OM4 is a very good basic gimbal especially if you’re an iPhone user it handles all the basics with ease through advanced features that are hit or miss and depending on your smartphone.  

Tabletop tripod is a nice addition but it’s very basic it’s a good starter auction for bloggers low light photographers and those who use the hyper lapse and time-lapse features. 

DJI Ronin S 

The Ronin-S has the lowest maximum load capacity of all three of our featured gimble for Sony A7R3 cameras coming in at only 4.4 pounds that said we’re still confident that it will be able to support the payload of many Sony 8 open R3 camera rigs. Ronin S supports maximum battery life of around 11 hours and again it does a pretty solid job of ensuring that you get those 11 hours no matter how much of its load capacity you use up with your camera rig,  when the gamble does run empty you can recharge it back to full via mains power outlet and only 2 ½ hours offering the shortest recharge time of all the featured gambles. 

To stabilize, the Ronan S will connect to a range of popular cameras that allow varying degrees of controlled video start and stop all the way up to remote focus and zoom control. 


DJI's Ronin returns as the RS 2, RSC 2 to stabilize cameras big and small -  CNET

There are little if any design similarities between the new DJI RS2 and the Ronan S metal arms of all the in replaced by a carbon fiber monocoque design & every other element from the joystick mounting points focus will and grip of being improved and enhanced, the RS2 offers all the standard shooting modes you’d recognize if you’ve ever used to Ronan or similar gimbal as well as a few new modes or features added in this version, a big addition is an active track 3.0 update to the most advanced tracking technology. 

DJI RS2 is undeniably stunning,  carbon arm set off again stylish graphics and beautifully crafted metal worked.  

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