Best Gaming Pc Cases in the Market

Lian Li Lancool 215

Lian Li Lancool 215 should be on your shortlist as long as your storage needs don’t go beyond one 3.5 inches hard drive it’s a good budget case with the two 200MM fans are ARGB and they connect to their own hub at the back of the case, there’s also the Lian Li logo at the bottom that’s also illuminated as part of the whole system.

This case is budget-oriented and the experience is very basic when it comes to cable management. This case is a clear example of product segmentation because Lancool 215 is in its own budget class with a feature set that doesn’t infringe upon features of the Lancool 2 mesh which is a higher-end case. If you’re looking for big fans that cool the temperature with some attractive RGB lighting you won’t regret taking a look.

Fractal Design Meshify C

Fractal Design MESHIFY C ATX Case Reviews - YouTube

One of the best compact cases, Meshify C is 100% of defined CTG with an angular stealth-inspired front panel that looks like black diamond facets according to fractal. The solid front panel same as the previous designs so it might be a little noisier as well.
Front panel Connections at the top include two USB 3.0 headphone and microphone jacks and power and reset buttons.

The mesh top panel cover behind it is fixed via magnetic strips the Meshify C includes separate screw packs for the motherboard and drives cable ties standoffs Philips head adapter socket to help builders install the standards documentation and a cleaning cloth. If you want one of the most premium-looking at-performing PC cases you should definitely check this one out. You can also like to read how to get a free laptop for low-income families in 2021.

Corsair 5000 D

Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case, Black: Buy  Online at Best Price in UAE -

Corsairs bring a new chassis this time which is very spacious and innovative with lots of features hiding options and clearances for your liquid cooling Nirvana, cooling inside the 5000D airflow can be done through a section at the front of the case with room for three 120MM or two 140MM fans and one 120MM fan Is placed in this area.
The top of the body looks identical to the front But has no fans placed. Also, fan or radiator placement is found to the right of the motherboard tray for his design to hold only 120MM fans up to three of them. it’s roomy enough for our PSU but you may need to bin the HDD caddy with the optional front cover.

Phanteks Eclipse P400A

Phanteks P400A Digital RGB Case Review: High Airflow Mesh & Panel Testing |  GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks

The P400A comes in two main variants each with 2 separate color SKU’s. Overall roof space and the removable radiator bracket was removed front panel was now affect solid unit with ventilation only located top and the bottom paint job was far more basic the aluminum panels absent entirely compared to that of the Phanteks evolve. There’s plenty of cable management grommets and holes located in all the key places for all of your cables and sport straight out of the gate for two 2.5 inch drives and two 3.5 inch drives. The airflow has certainly improved so don’t have to worry about front intake performance anymore and it looks much better than the original version Eclipse P400.

Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh Performance

LANCOOL II Mesh RGB - Ultimate Airflow Chassis

Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh performance is one of the easiest and compact to assemble chassis ever, as it should and doesn’t cost a fortune. Right out of the box that ankle to measure performance makes an excellent impression in regards to material mix. It comes with 2 thick glass panels and an all-steel body.
As we’re concerned the Lian Li Lancool two Mesh is a straight upgrade from the original model the original differentiates itself with ARGB lighting but the measures far better thermal performance chains all other features of the original and adds a fan controller as a bonus All in all it definitely one of the best PC cases in the market.

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