Best in Budget Gaming Keyboards in the Market

Asus ROG Strix scope

We’re kicking off the list with the keyboard that prioritizes its function instead of form, sure this deck looks pretty sick and it makes use of super responsive cherry MX mechanical switches but the biggest asset of the ROG Strix scope is its fps geared layout, if you’re looking to nab precious milliseconds on the battlefield then the ROG Strix scope compact form factor is great.
The control key on this keyboard has actually been widened for ease of use of course we can’t forget to mention the silver-finished WASD keys.

Steel series apex 7

If you want your gaming keyboard loaded with clever features then this apex 7 model from the steel series is an awesome choice. First off as it’s a steel series model it’s the aircraft-grade aluminum build quality is second to none, its RGB lighting is phenomenal too offering pretty much endless amounts of perky customization, then there’s its OLED display which lets you quickly and swiftly tweak settings and even display imagery.
The ability to choose from the linear red, tactile Brown and clicky blue switches is a great plus point too.

HyperX Alloy Elite

Although this keyboard is relatively understated in terms of aesthetics it does not go cheap on features First off you can choose between Brown red or blue Cherry MX switches, there’s also extensive RGB backlighting USB pass through dedicated media controls and detachable wrist rest, and for those worried about ghosting the alloy lead also supports full N key rollover function.
We love the fact that this board comes with an extra set of silver W ASD and number keycaps too for those who want to add a bit of extra flair and precision.

Steel Series Apex 3

The Apex 3 is one of the most premia as well budget-friendly keyboards that you’ll get.
With the 10 zone RGB lighting this board looks high end it also has an IP32 water resistance rating which is surprising given its price tag, compatible with steel series engine three customization software, and Whisper-quiet gaming switches last for over 20 million keypresses with Premium magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support and comfortable feel. All of this and still doesn’t hurt your pocket.
Best for those who want to give it a try in elite gaming while staying on budget.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

On the subject of affordable membrane switch keyboards, we cannot forget to mention the razor cyanosis chroma. Which is not to be confused with a slightly pricier razor cyanosis B2. This board may not have as many thrills as its more expensive razor siblings like media controls or even a wrist rest but it still offers extensive perky or zonal RGB lighting which looks stunning.

Logitech G915 TKL

Gaming keyboards can be bulky so if you want to keep things a little more streamlined than this Logitech G915 TKL is an awesome choice, and if the name sounds familiar that’s because it’s a scaled-down version of the G915 lightspeed and by scaled-down, we mean that you don’t get the lightspeed G keys or Numpad which means it’s about two to three inches smaller than other popular gaming keyboards. It may be smaller but you still get gorgeous RGB lighting the choice of either tactile quickie or linear mechanical switches and wireless functionality that allows you to connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle.

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

The majority of the keyboards on this list use the ever-popular cherry MX switches but not the Roccat Vulcan, this keyboard uses rockets on Titan switches which offer almost silent operation in superb tactile feedback a difficult combo to find in the gaming world, there’s also the added convenience of a detachable wrist rest a look of this keyboard cannot be overstated though with its sleek braided cable and anodized aluminum construction offering a rock-solid build quality.
In fact, it weighs around 2.5 pounds it’s highly customizable RGB AMO lighting is one of the brightest in the biz too.

Razer Huntsman Elite

This keyboard is quite expensive if you’re looking for a competition in speed this will not let you down. That’s mainly because of its hybrid switches, the idea of combining mechanical switches and optical sensors is pretty controversial but Razor pulls it off beautifully. Compatible with Razer Synapse 3 software and cherry-compatible keycaps along with Ergonomic wrist rest with 24 RGB under glow customizable lighting.

Steel Series Apex Pro

Apex pro has all the premium features of the apex seven you mentioned earlier like its OLED display and impressive RGB lighting, but it has a pretty significant trick up its sleeve, Omni point magnetic switches these switches allow you to completely customizer the actuation points of the keys and you can do this for individual keys across the deck.
Now you don’t have to reach every key possible because toggle actuation settings allow you to balance things out. This won’t slow down your gameplay. This keyboard is highly sophisticated.

Corsair K-95 RGB platinum

One of the most expensive keyboard in the market with the amazing build quality and with its countless features it’s definitely worth all the extra cash. this anodized brushed aluminum keyboard may be wired instead of wireless but it makes up for it with its sophisticated and gorgeous looking RGB lighting, USB passthrough, three user profiles, six dedicated macro keys, and media controls.
We love that this keyboard has fast 1.2 mil cherry MX speed switches too, which feature double-shot keycaps in other words the lettering of the keys won’t fade.

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