Best Gaming Controllers For PC


PlayStation Dual Sense

Best overall, the dual sense Sony’s name for the native PlayStation five controller makes the most of the opportunities that a new console generation provides, successor to the dual shock four has a stark new look And a redesigned shape that’s easier on the hands which makes it a fundamentally better more interesting controller. It also has some next Gen swagger beautifully implemented next Gen haptics and adaptive trigger resistance create opportunities for more immersive experiences through tactile feedback.
Its smooth curves and two-tone color scheme white with black accents including the analog sticks and triggers by default feels like a paradigm shift after three generations of discrete single color Sony gamepads. With the dual sense, Sony is made both a more comfortable Gamepad add for traditional gameplay and introduced some very exciting features

Logitech F310

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Best budget controller, if you don’t have much of a budget and want the most affordable option out there you should check out the Logitech Gamepad F310.
In terms of design aesthetics the logic game bad F310 doesn’t look very contemporary as it has a SNES kind of look with a modified dual shock to the body of the most aesthetically pleasing, however, don’t expect a more pleasing design without sacrificing quality and functionality at this price the device feels pretty light in the hands however but it has a quality build. So the F310 feel very good when pressed Anna very good tactile feedback to them the sticks are mediocre and not smooth enough like cream and controllers and the directional pad is decent at best in the control import Department it is good as everything registered perfectly other bottles are pretty durable

Razor Wolverine V2

Razer Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller - Best Deal - South Africa

Best wired controller, this new generation of gaming is brought with a fantastic new controller in the form of the dual sense however while Sony is impressive adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, Xbox owners still have the same old controller they’ve been using since 2013 don’t get me wrong it’s a great device but when comparing the two weeks a bit dated, thankfully unlike PS5 owners have pretty much stop with a dual sense, for now, Xbox owners can splurge on 3rd party controllers and one of these is the Razor Wolverine V2.
It’s almost perfect and delivers a superb gaming experience that elevates the Xbox series X or S to a whole new level if you had to put away to Wolverine V2 next to the Xbox wireless controller you can see they look almost identical, however, the Razor Wolverine V2 brings with it a few subtle tweaks including a fatter grip that bold is out near the bottom of the handles instead of all the way down and some green accents because well its Razor.

Xbox Core Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller with Share Button | Gadgetsin

The best mid-range option, the Xbox wireless controller has seen some improvements over the years but its most recent is the best yet, the Xbox series is Gamepad offers a more premium feel without the price tag, on the surface, the Xbox wireless controller doesn’t look like a particularly drastic departure from its predecessor it sports a similar shape and keeps the traditional button and trigger layout, on closer inspection though you begin to notice the subtle differences Microsoft as implemented in addition to the cosmetic changes the Xbox wireless controller brings improvements in functionality too.
We found the controller to be more responsive which is likely down to the lower latency Microsoft is posted about add with more frame rate stability of the Xbox series X or S, while connecting the gamepad wirelessly via Bluetooth to a range of devices including the Xbox One and iPhone 11 and a Mac were straight forward. It comes in different sizes particularly for those who have small hands.

Steam Controller

Best runner up, steam has released the steam controller before releasing the steam OS it released it as a controller that would bridge the gap between PC and console gamers, this controller aims to do everything to be the best controller for every game, also it wants to eliminate the need for a keyboard and mouse it’s a bold goal and a very interesting product that’s innovative and a breath of fresh air.
Setting up the controller is effortless based on batteries in the back slot plugin the USB Bluetooth receiver turn on the controller and you good to go. Definitely one of the best PC controllers on the market.


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