Best free stock videos websites 2021-for Social Media

Stock videos are in good condition, royalty-free short clips that can be used in several film-making, business, or own projects.

Assets like these come in when you run into some problems with video creation. For example, you may not have been able to take shots in remote or far-off spots.

Under such circumstances, well-placed fragments of free stock videos can bring your video projects to life.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of top websites that supply a variety of good-quality free stock videos.

So, if you are viewing to add city landscape or wildlife clips, you visit those websites to get your hands-on stock video pieces for your next show, in-house meeting, or client video project


  • There are some truly spectacular free stock videos available on Pexels – all under a Creative Commons 0 (ie public domain) license, which means you’re free to use them for personal or commercial projects without attribution.
  • The time-lapse stock videos are particularly lovely, and there are lots of fun clips from GoPro-wearing swimmers and climbers. Pexels also include a handy ‘mockup’ section for footage of mobile devices with green screens that can be easily replenished via chroma keying.
  • Search results add premium videos from Shutterstock, but unlike most stock video sites, Pexels represents these at the bottom so you’re unlikely to mistake them for free clips.
  • Free stock videos are presented in MP4 format in HD. The only drawback is the lack of clips in 4K, but if Full HD is enough for your project, Pexels should be your first stop.
  • If you want stock photos, Pexels also offers a great choice of premium-quality stills under the same license.

The Pixabay

  • The Pixabay also releases footage under Creative Commons Zero. (C License, which means all the videos are free to use, edit & do not require attribution).
  • It produces over 1.2 million HD videos also images in its database.
  • There is also a limited stock of 4K videos, motion graphics, illustrations and music clips. Generally, the video is under a minute long.

The Clipstill

  • The Clipstill is dedicated to photos. It includes a small reformed animation that works on a loop.
  • The effect is narcotic, and a great idea to grab watchers’ attention. There’s only a small selection of cinema graphs available free (most of the videos on the site are premium content), but they’re high quality and change each month, so it’s completely worth keep a bookmark.
  • Cinema graphs are available to download as short video data and are particularly well fitted to web design.
  • It’s not necessary to grant credit when applying on’s videos, but a link back is acknowledged. You’re free to use cinema graphs in your designs unless you’re operating a commercial commodity in the main display.

Life of Vids-Free stock videos

Life of Vids
Life of Vids
  • The Life of Vids is a collection of independent stock videos. Clips also loop Leeroy, an advertising company in Montreal, Canada.
  • There are no copyright limitations, but redistribution on another site is limited to 10 videos.
  • To download a high-res version of a video on the site, click on the Vimeo logo in the bottom right-hand edge of the video player also you’ll view the “Download” button.
  • New videos are added weekly, also they’ve got a wonderful collection of free commodity images you can check out as well.


  • It example of the most accepted platforms for stock videos.
  • Most companies use to buy high-quality 4K also HD licensed videos.
  • Clips can be searched through various attributes to frame rates, resolution, also length.
  • The video library gets fresh content every week. Several categories make your overall website experience smooth and quick.

Dareful-Free stock videos

  • Dareful is largely focus on giving quality rather than volume.
  • There is an amazing collection of high-quality 4K clips of views also looping backdrops.
  • Since it takes a long time to download 1 video, detailed information will give you the right idea

Videezy-Free stock videos


The Videezy is royalty-free private commercial use.

  • Although they do ask that you credit Videezy when using their footage.
  • You can also buy credits that will enable you to use footage without attribution.
  • There’s a wide variety of high-quality video clips to pick of, in both HD and 4K presentation.
  • When the search for videos. Any results tagged with “Pro” are premium clips that are just obtainable by paying with credits.

Videvo-Free stock videos player

  • Their library involves thousands of choices to choose from.
  • The top rank in the search results is the sponsor premium content of advertisers.
  • It must hassle-free licensing, but videos fall below three types of licenses:
  • Standard License lets you use the clips in your projects without any credit.
    Attribution License also lets you use the clips for personal projects but requires you to credit the clip’s creator.
    Creative Commons 3.0 Unported lets you share also adapt the clip, but you have to attribute the producer also indicate any changes done in the original clip

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