Best Alternative of WhatsApp : Telegram Or Signal ?

Everyone has freaked out after the change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp. The news is being covered by almost every media, and many people are thinking to shift to other applications. Now the questions that pops up in everyone’s mind is; What’s wrong with the privacy policy of WhatsApp? Which app can be used as an alternative of WhatsApp ? • WhatsApp’s new privacy policy — We all are quite familiar with the fact that Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp. In the new privacy policy WhatsApp is giving the access of your data to Facebook, before you had the opportunity to decide whether Facebook can access your data or not. Now you don’t have this option either you accept the policy or lose your WhatsApp account. The biggest problem in this policy is not the access of data but is the access of data to Facebook, almost every app have access to a lot of your personal data, but because of the poor image of Facebook in recent past people are scared to accept the WhatsApp policy. They are worried if Facebook will sell their data like before.

Whatsapp Updated Terms and Privacy Policy

• Alternative of WhatsApp So now when you don’t trust Facebook completely your left with one option; to switch to some other applications. Here is a list of application you can use as an alternative of WhatsApp.


Telegram is one of those apps that take privacy policy very seriously. In Iran, protesters used telegram to communicate, in order to keep their chat hidden from the government. Telegram has openly refused to give any government access to its data, telegram has always been in support of privacy.

Telegram App

Good aspects :-

  • Privacy – As I mentioned above privacy of telegram is really commendable.
  • Many of your friends are already using telegram – Not everyone in your contact would be on telegram but because of the movies many of your friends would have already installed telegram.
  • Doesn’t require much of your personal data – Telegram asks your phone number, name, user id n contacts.

Bad aspects : –

  • Poor layout – Telegram’s layout is not eye-catching at all.
  • No status feature – Unlike WhatsApp you don’t have any status feature.


Signal is considered to have the best privacy policy among all other applications. Signal is seen as the best alternative of WhatsApp, also because the co-founder of WhatsApp made signal.

Signal App

Good aspects :-

  • Privacy – It is said that Signal has the best privacy policy among all apps
  • Does not require much of your personal data – Out of all apps Signal asks for just your mobile number nothing else.
  • Layout – An eye-catching layout and interference

Bad aspects : –

  • No status feature – Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram; Signal does not have a status feature.
  • Not many people in India are familiar with it – Signal was made in 2018 and is not much popular. iOS’s users are a little familiar with it but in India where android users are more; Signal isn’t much popular.

Even Elon Musk is suggesting us to use Signal App.

Comparison Between Whatsapp / Telegram / Signal app

It won’t be an easy task to uninstall WhatsApp as our college official and unofficial group are on WhatsApp along with that our family members won’t allow us to leave out the family WhatsApp group. But if you’re looking for an alternative I would suggest you to use Signal as it has the best privacy policy and is also easy to use. At the end no matter what, we cannot deny the fact that the new privacy policy has made us question does this dictatorship be needed? And also this make us rethink about our personal data available on the internet and how we should avoid exposing ourselves on social media.

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