Best 360 Degree Cameras in 2021

Ricoh Theta Z1

Best high-end camera, Ricoh Theta said one 360 degrees camera cost twice as much as the competition, but it could be worth the money in some situations the Ricoh Theta said one looks essentially like a larger version of the company’s older 360 camera as well as most other 360 cameras, Ricoh new camera is a large rectangle whose top edges slightly rounded on his two lenses sit on opposite sides of the top end. The theta Z1 uses 2 one inch CMOS sensors backside-illuminated allows you to take much larger images and are better quality than other 360 cameras.

Still, images can be as large as 23 megapixels 6725 thirty 360 pixels, and videos are recorded at 4 K 3840 by 1920 at 30FPS little has changed in the years since the dead one’s release trigger apparently released an update adding stabilization to the video however I don’t see much of a difference if you need a 360 camera to take indoor images and video where lighting is less than ideal said one’s larger sensors definitely.

Insta 360 One R Twin Edition

Best for most people, the insta 360 one isn’t your typical 360 camera. It allows you to swap out the 360 lens for a traditional wide-angle action camera lens. There’s even Leica branded one-inch sensor for capturing higher image quality low light shots.

The One R three main components, the swappable camera module, battery base, and touch screen each is a separate piece but the latter two or more permanent as they used with either camera module, a USB C connexion of micro SD card slot insta 361 hour is waterproof down to about 16 feet without an extra housing placed around it I included frame doesn’t offer additional water protection. It definitely is one of the best 360 cameras in the market

Ricoh Theta V

Best for photos, the Ricoh Theta released in 2013 was the first successful consumer 360-degree camera but the Theta and its successors were geared for still capture in a market where competitors focused on video. Ricoh’s newest model, Theta V, captures video with a resolution from 1080P to 4K and supports a high-quality external microphone.

Dual lenses captured the entire world around the stitching o8f images and video together it doesn’t have a larger image sensor than its predecessor it’s still a pair of 12 megapixels one over 2.3 inch CMOS sensors but it is a new design. The sensors are driven by processing technology developed for Pentax SLR’s and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor support image capture at up to ISO 6400 two-stop advantage over the Theta S photos are less impressive but still beat out pretty much every other camera bar one or two, the design of the camera is the best of any 360 camera and using it in the hands feels natural.

Insta 360 OneX2

Insta 360 has announced the one X2 and new waterproof 360-degree camera that features stabilized 5.7 K recording around touch screen display and built-in editing tools the overall shape of One X2 is almost the same as one X, but OneX2 features a full-color display it can be used to both composure shots and navigate through the camera settings, the OneX2 features 4 shooting modes 360, Steadicam, insta Pano and multi-view in 360 modes put the camera will capture and stitch together 5.7 K 360 degree video, Steadicam allows you to capture your shot in the 360° view in a digitally stabilized video, where insta Pano is a new mode that captures full panoramas of the scene with a single tap at last with the multi-view you can capture two angles at once, enabling you to capture both ways front and back in 2 separate videos.

GoPro Max

Moving on we have another excellent camera GoPro Max. this camera is equipped with tons of exceptional videos with five-point 6K resolution at 360 degrees as great re-framing on-camera stitching, amazing stabilization features, and can fit on most of the mounts. This camera has adopted a new body shape and design for example this camera has a super vivid 1.7-inch touch screen display that’s great for navigating the menus and previewing your content on the go this bad boy is also super durable with its amazing rectangular shape that’s waterproof as it can be submerged down to five meters, my favorite feature about this action camera is that you can use the same mounts if you have another GoPro cameras such as the GoPro hero seven, 360-degree videos will be shot in either 24 or 30 frames per second however in the normal 2D mode you can go up to 60 frames per second to utilize slow-motion features.

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