Benefits Of Giloy

In Sanskrit, Giloy is called ‘Amrita,’ which means ‘the root of immortality.’ Due to its abundant medicinal properties, the benefits of giloy are worth to know.  There is always a fear of viral infection amidst the changing seasons. Since no vaccine has yet been made for novel coronavirus, it should be our priority to keep the immune system secure so that our body can fight off infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

We do all kinds of remedies to prevent illness; like yoga, exercise, but Ayurveda has more than one solution for this, and one of those remedies is Giloy, which is full of medicinal properties. Giloy included in the medicinal herb has many benefits, but its most important advantage is that it is useful in all types of diseases. Let’s get started to understand the benefits of giloy in detail.

The Health Benefits of Ayurvedic herb Giloy:

Treats Diabetes:

You can guess the benefits of Giloy by the fact that it is beneficial in diabetes too. It acts as a hypoglycemic compound and helps treat diabetes(especially Type 2) because it helps in the production of insulin on consistent use. 

Lowers high blood sugar: 

Giloy also helps reduce blood sugar levels as it burns excess glucose. Daily consumption of Giloy juice two times a day does not increase cholesterol, it doesn’t cause heart problems, and it also controls the thyroid.

Anti-aging properties

Intake of Giloy juice along with neem, amla, or aloe vera juice ejects toxins. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it delays the process of aging. It is a divine medicine that will prevent old age and maintain youthfulness. 

It is advisable to take Giloy juice with honey in case of spasm, metallicity, and weakness. Daily intake of Giloy juice will not cause wrinkles and freckles on the face, and skin tone also increases gradually.

Natural Immune booster

There has been a lot of research on this herb in the field of modern medicine. It is called an immune modulator because it modulates the immunity of the body. It acts as a natural immune booster and is beneficial in diseases caused by low resistance and autoimmune disorders.

Treats chronic fever

It works in chronic fever much better because it is antipyretic. Due to weak immunity, the body soon falls ill, and the platelets are also reduced. Giloy also cures chronic fever, cold, and cough. Daily consumption of Giloy with Aloe Vera and Basil stabilizes the platelets and also treats persistent illness.

Fight respiratory problems

This immortal herb has unprecedented anti-inflammatory powers, due to which it helps fight any common respiratory issues like a persistent cough, cold, tonsillitis, chronic mucus. It is also beneficial in chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, and cough due to asthma. You can take Giloy kadha or juice to maintain your respiratory system healthy. 

Reduce stress and anxiety

Giloy is a panacea to help the body adapt to stress, anxiety, and depression to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. It has adaptogenic properties that help calm nerves and cells and produce stress-relieving hormones. In fact, people with weakened immune systems are advised to take equal amounts of Giloy juice, Amla juice, and honey to become healthy and live stress and depression free. 

Treats Arthritis

In any disorder related to the liver, crushing the fresh stalk of Giloy and drinking its juice is very beneficial. Since Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis properties, taking it in any form can provide significant relief in joint pain, severe arthritis.

Some Other Health Benefits of Giloy

  1. Reduces Joint Pain
  2. Improve Digestive System
  3. Improves Vision

How to use Giloy

  • Take a stalk of fresh Giloy, wash it properly, and boil it in two glasses of water until the water remains half. 
  • Consume it twice a day when lukewarm. 

You can make Giloy juice at home

  • Take a stem of Giloy one foot long and chop it into small pieces.
  • Now peel it off the top layer and grind these pieces in the mixer with a glass of water.
  • Now filter this juice prepared in the mixer. You can consume it twice a day.

In other ways, you can increase its nutrients more.

  • Take two glasses of water and add ginger, basil, and giloy to it, boil until the solution is halved. 
  • Now add clove and black pepper; wait for 5 minutes and drink it while it’s still lukewarm. 


Giloy is an immortal Ayurvedic herb used in incurable diseases; it stabilizes the immune system and treats respiratory illness. There are many benefits of giloy because it helps detoxify the body by flushing out the toxins and purifying your blood.

It reduces bile; it is antipyretic; it also a blood purifier, is a blood enhancer (helps to increase blood), helpful in strengthening the liver. It is mainly called Tridosh Nashak (illness related to vaat, pitta, and kafa; whereas vaat represents Air and it dominated by the lower part of the body, pitta represents heat, and it dominated by the middle part, and Kapha represents water and is dominated by the upper part of the body)

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