Akon City | Akon’s New Solar City |Like Real-life WAKANDA

We’ve all heard about Wakanda, the beautiful city in the heart of Africa, from the Black Panther comics and film; we were all mesmerized by its strong culture and unique design. However, as impressive as it was, what condo remains a fictional creation. A little more than another genius thought from the mind of Stanley. But now thanks to one rich revolutionary rapper. Wakanda brings to life a multibillion-dollar budget.

Akon’s new so-called SolarCity will drive the African economy amazed Marvel fans. And pay tribute to Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman all at once. So what would real-life conduct look like allow us to take you on an imaginative journey through the glass? Late utopian megacity in the making the stunning renderings that have already been releasing to make the solar city better known as Akon city. Appear like a futuristic Oasis for the wealthy.

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Lead architect Hussain Bokhari takes inspiration from African sculptures. But not to the wonderful thriving local culture that Akon wants to be into the spotlight. Akon makes this clear telling the architect that he needs to quote a building that looks like a statue. That you can take home like real African sculptures. That they make in the villages as we tear through the city of tomorrow will be able to pass through. Hotels, residential properties, A University, Hospitals, leisure centres, casino, movie studios, a police station, school parks shopping centres and even the city’s very own stadium. Basically all of the building blocks for a thriving modern civilisation once complete. The area won’t just be a local icon but a worldwide beacon for magnificent innovation. In addition to the cities projects population of 300,000 which is about the same size as Pittsburgh.

Wakanda, real life wakanda, akon's city, akon city, akon solar city, solar city architecture

 The singer has already declared his intentions on social media looking forward to hosting you there in the future. While the glass and steel rich building designs are eye-catching without a doubt they’ve drawn some criticism. Why? Because the local climate is exceptionally dry and hot and huge windows tend to invite uncomfortable heat. Thankfully, there is a simple solution for this air conditioning power. Climate control won’t drain as much energy as you think. Thanks to one particular design feature Akon city is expects to be entirely solar-power say goodbye to traditional electricity grids.

The visuals and the mechanics of the anticipated city are impressive. However, just as intriguing is the way that the society proposes to operate out with cash and away with traditional banks, icons. The city economy will be built entirely on an app-based cryptocurrency. The name goes ahead take a guess Yep Akoin.

Wakanda, real life wakanda, akon's city, akon city, akon solar city, solar city architecture, akoin

 Six of the ten fastest-growing world economies are in Africa. The World Economic Forum projects that the continent’s consumers will spend $2 trillion by 2025. More than 60% of people in Africa are under 25 years old. And do not use a traditional bank can heavily rely on mobile phones for daily tasks. This means that a coin could easily penetrate. The population and spread like wildfire think of the cryptocurrency state view in Akan city. As a test run with the end goal to spread it. Across the continent, it’s a wild and fascinating idea that could revolutionize the way of life in West Africa.

It could propel Senegal onto the centre stage to compete with the African tourist-heavy hitters. Like Morocco, Egypt and South Africa for which it is such a spectacular idea come from. You’d expect Akon to have a clear connexion and inspiration for developing his own city. And he absolutely does while born in the USA.

Akon spent his earlier years in Senegal before eventually moving to Union City Jersey. As a 7-year-old wants to go back to his roots and see his childhood environment. Thrive to its full potential with a net worth of $80 million. And a long list of high profile deep-pocket investors in his Rolodex is dedicated. Efforts can go a long way to making that happen.

Concept of Akon’s City (Like Wakanda)

Wakanda, real life wakanda, akon's city, akon city, akon solar city, solar city architecture

 The concept first gains traction back in 2018. Two years later in January of 2020, Akon met with Senegalese government officials to finalise the agreement. At that point, Wakanda had everything in place to become a reality. Akon plans are to build near the village of Imber Dean right about here. Just a short drive from the Senegalese capital of Dakar and the state’s new International Airport. The town will initially cover some 55 hectares or 135 acres. But grow to 500 hectares or 1235 acres by the end of the decade.

 On September 1st 2020, Akon lay down the first stone of the $6 billion cities tragically. This came just four days after the heartbreaking passing of Black Panther himself. Chadwick Boseman now the Wakanda inspires Akon city serves another important purpose the city. Whether officially or unofficially will now act as a powerful tribute and memorial to the belove fall at. As for the cost of living we have to imagine that compares with the US. At least, it is extremely cheap consumer prices in Dakar or 49% lower than in New York. And renting a one-bedroom apartment at just $586 per month is 82% cheaper than the Big Apple.

Despite the relatively low costs the environment is still poised to be chock full of futuristic luxury of course. Building an entire civilization doesn’t come cheap the $6 billion needs to be put to good use. Hundreds of millions will be spent on construction likewise on developing and implementing. The novel cryptocurrency hundreds of 1,000,000 more will go into building public transport. Landscaping importing materials and covering staff costs not to mention the marketing. Solar power installers typically charge around $1.00 per Watt for their Labour. To power a whole city while we’re talking big numbers.


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