10 Tips To Organize Before Start Using Any New Mac Book

Check Updates

The first thing is pretty basic and that’s to check for updates, you can check for the most recent updates by clicking on the apple logo on the top left going to about this Mac and then software update your Mac book will automatically check for updates and go ahead and install the ones that are available.

Take Care of The Dock

This is the hub of Mac OS and it’s something that you’re going to interact with and use every day so make sure that it’s set up just how you want. If there are apps in the dock that you don’t use very often then you may remove them.

to remove an app from the dock right-click on it by clicking with two fingers on the trackpad or control-click and then select options and you’ll see remove from the dock.

you can resize the dock by clicking on a divider and then sliding up and down on the trackpad.

You can move the dock as horizontal and vertical this way you can have more vertical space on the screen again you can right-click on a divider you can move it to the left-right or you can choose to auto-hide it by right-clicking on the divider.

Customize Touch Bar

you can customize the touch bar with the features that you want by going to:

system preferences


customizer control strip

and then you can select from the options that are available and then drag them onto the touch bar.

Customize Trackpad

Next, there are some trackpad related options, to do that go to:

system preferences


Scroll and zoom

and then check the tap to click the checkbox you can also modify the tracking speed if you want to make it slower or faster, or adjust the scrolling direction.

Modify a Few Display Options and Finder

You can modify certain features in File Explorer to do that go to:

View, and then click

Show path bar

Show status bar

The path bar shows you exactly where the file is located within the file system and that’s really helpful when something is very pretty deep in multiple folders.

Hide or Show Scroll Bars

If your scroll bars are hidden and you want them to be seen all the time you gotta go to system preferences, general, show scroll bars, and then always. this way they are always visible.

Setup Battery Indicator

That depending on how you have it set up you may or may not actually see the battery indicator at all. I would rather have the percentage rather than just the indicator.

go to system preferences

dock and menu bar

and then Scroll down to the battery on the side and click show in the menu bar and show percentage.

Display Settings

You’ll know how to control them manually and how to set up defaults.

To do things manually click on the control center for the menu bar and then go to the display section and expanded it. First, you may want to toggle the dark mode appearance on or off depending on your situation, you can also activate or disable night shift and true tone, night shift as a warm tone in the display because some studies have shown that the blue light interferes with your sleep.

If you want the night shift to come on automatically then click on display preferences at the bottom and go to the night shift where you can set up a schedule and control the color temperature.


For example, I put a whole bunch of video files on the desktop and when I activate stacks, this will bundle up your icons in a single stack. When you can click on a stag to open it click again to close it you can browse through files by swiping left or right with two fingers and then of course you can double click to open a file.

Spotlight Search

This feature is activated by holding down the command and space bar.

you can use it to do fast calculations so for example if you will type in 102 pounds and you’ll see that it’s 46.27 kg.

And if you’ll search any word you’ll get the full definition.

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